Monday Musings: Can We Get Some Diversity Please?



I mean damn… How many caramel-complected, long-haired, hazel-eyed, slim-waisted women do I have to read about? Yeah they do exist but so do mocha-skinned, natural-haired, regular ol’ brown-eyed, thick-waisted women like yours truly. We out here, and we’re the ones buying ya books!

Now I am not throwing shade at any writer in particular, but this seems to be the model female as of late. Just as a writer has the right to portray their characters any way they see fit, I have the right to bitch about it. I am just so frustrated by the lack of representation. Black women come in all shades but I only read about two: caramel and chocolate. Are we a damn sundae or what? I’ve posted a picture for future reference…


Hot Off The Press!

New Releases for week ending 6.27.14
New Releases for week ending 6.27.14

Ok, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but that’s nothing new with me…There have been quite a few new releases in the last week, and I make my pics solely based on whether I’ve read this author previously and immensely enjoyed one or more of their works or if it’s a book I’ve purchased or placed on my wish list. I am not paid in any way for my selections (would be nice ha ha…)

From left to right:

  • Loving Ruth by Sondra Wells: This is a historical romance set in the 1960’s (yes, that is historical because miscegenation was still a crime back then and interracial couples were taboo-on both sides)
  • The Neighbor by Sherrice Cook: Just look at the guy on the cover. GOTDAYUMMMM (and currently reading)
  • Saints and Sinners by Tiana Laveen: I’ve already given my dissertation about this man and this series. Here’s the latest installment. It’s encyclopedia length so invest in a bottle of moscato and some uninterrupted time.
  • The Lure of Temptation by Renee Phillips: Nice cover…
  • The Baby Proposal by Roxy Wilson: I like the sound of this one. I’m not a big “baby drama” fan, but there are a few that catch my eye

Thirsty Thursday: Meet Saint Aknaten

Click the pic to read about my baby daddy
Click the pic to read about my baby daddy (This model is fuckin HAWT!)

Jesus Lawd, take me NOWWWW!!!! This man is too much! If you ask me what my ideal man is, I’ll just point you to this post. He is every.thing. Fine as hell, sexy as fuck, intelligent to a fault, funnier than Chris Rock, more swag than Diddy, and got super powers…Chile…What more can I say?

Who is Saint Aknaten? Well, he is a fictional character. He’s a Korean/Egyptian (what a combo!) credentialed sex therapist who organized this group for men called Rainbeaus. And according to the author of the Saint series, Tiana Laveen, “A Rainbeau is a ‘beau’ that dates outside of his race with intent to get to know her (bw), woo her, date her, take her home to mama and put a ring on it.) He is serious about his woman, period. Point blank.” Whaaaat???!!!

Saint talks that shit but he backs up every, single thing he says. He also harbors some special powers and is known as an Angel Child. He can move things with his mind, see things before they actually happen, and basically has the power to save the world. And he does all this while spittin Biggie Smalls lyrics! Who don’t want this man?! His woman, Xenia, is me (at least in my mind). They have 3 beautiful children who also have special powers. These books are an investment of time and imagination. These are not quick reads. You will know these characters intimately, and if you don’t have wet panties after finishing book 1, then I can’t do nuthin for ya man! Peep this trailer to see how Saint operates. SWOOOOOOON!!!!!

Found by You: A Review

by Victoria H. Smith
Click the pic to purchase


Being the IR romance junkie that I am, it is always a privilege (and a thrill) for me to read a book that has not yet been released to the public, and this time is no exception. I have been a fan of Victoria H. Smith since I read her The Space Between series, and when before I even started to read this book, I kinda expected more of the same: BOY WAS I WRONG! Now don’t misunderstand me when I say I was wrong in that this book was not good because it wasn’t. It was fucking awesome!!! I am new to the genre of New Adult romance, and if this is what NA romance is all about,

Found by You is the story of Griffin and Roxie. Griffin is the star basketball player of their university while Roxie is the roller derby-playing sista with a not-so-lil secret that could not only destroy her and Griffin’s relationship but his future as a professional bball player. This story is a good mix of romance, drama, jealous-ass exes, and forgiveness. The chemistry between Griff and Rox was immediate and intense. There was no BS’ing back and forth which I love. Griff knew what he want and went after at. Roxie was a little more reserved yet longed for him the same. Those chance meetings in the laundry room finally pay off when they both participate in an overnight trip and give in to the desires they’ve been suppressing forever.

Of course, no good romance would be complete without some antagonism. Enter D, Griffin’s dickhead BFF and this heffa Tanya, one of Griff’s exes. D recognizes Roxie but can’t quite put his finger on when, where, or how they meet, and Tanya is just plain delusional believing she and Griff not only still have a chance, but are still in fact a couple who are just going through one of their on again/off again phases. I swear you will want to whup this ho’s ass on more than one occasion. You will be screaming “Trick he don’t want you! Get over it…” Yassssss…I love books that make me talk to it-in a good way that is….

Without giving away the whole storyline, lemme just say, get ya 1-click finger ready because this book is THA BIZZOMB! I see so much of myself in Roxie-cause when I was reading, I saw myself as Roxie all up on Griffin…




Monday Musings: The Cover Matters!

I buy a lot of books. And I mean a lot. One of the first things I notice before even making a purchase, and this is especially true of a new author, or an author I’ve never read before, is the cover. I know the old adage goes You can’t judge a book by it’s cover…GIT YO LIFE. Admittedly, there are some hidden gems in a shitty or lackluster cover, but to the consumer, it’s the like the icing on the cake. Pound cake is tasty, but a pound cake drizzled with lemon or vanilla icing is fucking heaven. If the cover is wack, I’m more than likely to pass on the book. If the cover is ooh-la-la, then I’m a 1-click trick…Lemme introduce you to the Queen of Covers: LaVerne Thompson(aka Ursula Sinclair)! I have purchased and read each and every one of these books because the cover screamed HOTNESS. BUY ME NOW! And so I did…And oh yeah, the books were actually good too.

He can protect me anytime!
He can protect me anytime!
Love how she made the blue of his eyes pop. Hey boo!
Love how she made the blue of his eyes pop. Hey boo!
This dude is her personal trainer! Sign me up!
This dude is her personal trainer! Sign me up!
This cover is like GAHTDAYUM! It's actually in the running for best romance cover
This cover is like GAHTDAYUM! It’s actually in the running for best romance cover
OMG...this guy! His name is Colin Wayne, and he's a fitness model, and he gives me wet dreams.
OMG…this guy! His name is Colin Wayne, and he’s a fitness model, and he gives me wet dreams.

New For You!

1-1-Color of love, The

Every Friday, I will present my top 5 picks that have been released in the past week (Friday-Thursday), and that I feel are worthy of a try-or at least an Add to Wish List. Simply click the pic to be taken to the listing. And now, in no particular order:


Drake has been trying to tap Rachel forever. The only problem is she ain’t ’bout that life at the moment, but that’s only a challenge-once he gets past her gun-toting daddy.


This is actually Part III of the "White Cowboy" series. This is not a standalone. You must start with Lassoed By The White Cowboy
This is actually Part III of the “White Cowboy” series. This is not a standalone. You must start with Lassoed By The White Cowboy.


Billionaire tries to keep the hoes at bay by getting a beard-and Egypt is broke and desperate enough to play wifey. They just didn't think they'd actually end up feeling each other...
Billionaire tries to keep the hoes at bay by getting a beard-and Egypt is broke and desperate enough to play wifey. They just didn’t think they’d actually end up feeling each other…


Cheap! Only $.99...Jennifer and her girls go clubbing and a hook up leads to catching feelings and...
Cheap! Only $.99…Jennifer and her girls go clubbing and a hook up leads to catching feelings and…


by Victoria H. Smith
College basketball star and introverted PYT are both keeping secrets that could destroy their budding romance. Add some haters to the mix, and it’s all gravy…Look for my review next week;)

Thirsty Thursday: Meet Mason Rizza

I am a huge fan of alpha males. You know those handsome, sexy, asshole-y guys that make you want to kill them right after you fuck them? Well meet king alpha dick himself Mason Rizza from Lolah Lace ‘ s Balls To The Walls series.



This man is so sexy yet so damn insufferable at the same time I can’t stand it! He is cheating on his wife with Kari who is the mother to one of his little league players. Now before you get your panties all in a bunch and go H.A.M. about cheaters, there’s an actual story behind that. And it’s fiction.  And it happens!

This dude is funny and passionate in his convictions even if they are a little fucked up sometimes but his story is so entertaining.  I love it when an author can acknowledge racial and cultural differences in a humorous way without making it blatantly racist. Mason and Kari have that witty banter that I can see myself having with my man and that’s what makes him so relate-able to me. And he’s not a billionaire playboy or business mogul like so many alphas are in today’s romance. He’s a regular dude who owns a construction company. He’s a beast in the sack, and he loves his woman and his kids. Read about the Rizza today…

Swirl Flick Of The Week

This week’s movie rec is Catfish In Blackbean Sauce. It is the hilarious tale of 2 Vietnamese orphans who are adopted by a black couple played by Mary Alice and the late, great Paul Winfield. Also stars Sanaa Lathan. They need to remake this with me and Sung Kang for real…Yes, I know he’s Korean, but I ain’t Sanaa Lathan neither so…

I couldn’t find this movie for a decent price anywhere online, but you can watch it for free on YouTube. Good flick…




To Series or Not To Series…That Is The Question

question mark

I admit, I love a good romance series, but one thing that pisses me off more than anything, is when a book is broken down into “parts” under the guise of a series. How do I know this? I don’t, but my common sense tells me that if an author releases a 3-part series, and each “part” is a mere 25 pages or less (and yes, this is a real thing), then it can theoretically be classified as a standalone that has been broken down into a “series”.

I am very cautious before I now 1-click (that’s Amazon speak for instant purchase with the click of a button) a series. I have to do some investigation first lol. One, have I heard of this author? Two, have I purchased from this author before? Three, does the book expressly state that it is part 1 of a series? Etc…

Here are some quality series (meaning novel-length) that I highly recommend (Note: Link may be to the 1st book in the series as most are released individually):

This is a mere sampling of my faves. Please feel free to add your faves in the comments 😀