Thirsty Thursday: Meet Mason Rizza

I am a huge fan of alpha males. You know those handsome, sexy, asshole-y guys that make you want to kill them right after you fuck them? Well meet king alpha dick himself Mason Rizza from Lolah Lace ‘ s Balls To The Walls series.



This man is so sexy yet so damn insufferable at the same time I can’t stand it! He is cheating on his wife with Kari who is the mother to one of his little league players. Now before you get your panties all in a bunch and go H.A.M. about cheaters, there’s an actual story behind that. And it’s fiction.  And it happens!

This dude is funny and passionate in his convictions even if they are a little fucked up sometimes but his story is so entertaining.  I love it when an author can acknowledge racial and cultural differences in a humorous way without making it blatantly racist. Mason and Kari have that witty banter that I can see myself having with my man and that’s what makes him so relate-able to me. And he’s not a billionaire playboy or business mogul like so many alphas are in today’s romance. He’s a regular dude who owns a construction company. He’s a beast in the sack, and he loves his woman and his kids. Read about the Rizza today…


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