Found by You: A Review

by Victoria H. Smith
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Being the IR romance junkie that I am, it is always a privilege (and a thrill) for me to read a book that has not yet been released to the public, and this time is no exception. I have been a fan of Victoria H. Smith since I read her The Space Between series, and when before I even started to read this book, I kinda expected more of the same: BOY WAS I WRONG! Now don’t misunderstand me when I say I was wrong in that this book was not good because it wasn’t. It was fucking awesome!!! I am new to the genre of New Adult romance, and if this is what NA romance is all about,

Found by You is the story of Griffin and Roxie. Griffin is the star basketball player of their university while Roxie is the roller derby-playing sista with a not-so-lil secret that could not only destroy her and Griffin’s relationship but his future as a professional bball player. This story is a good mix of romance, drama, jealous-ass exes, and forgiveness. The chemistry between Griff and Rox was immediate and intense. There was no BS’ing back and forth which I love. Griff knew what he want and went after at. Roxie was a little more reserved yet longed for him the same. Those chance meetings in the laundry room finally pay off when they both participate in an overnight trip and give in to the desires they’ve been suppressing forever.

Of course, no good romance would be complete without some antagonism. Enter D, Griffin’s dickhead BFF and this heffa Tanya, one of Griff’s exes. D recognizes Roxie but can’t quite put his finger on when, where, or how they meet, and Tanya is just plain delusional believing she and Griff not only still have a chance, but are still in fact a couple who are just going through one of their on again/off again phases. I swear you will want to whup this ho’s ass on more than one occasion. You will be screaming “Trick he don’t want you! Get over it…” Yassssss…I love books that make me talk to it-in a good way that is….

Without giving away the whole storyline, lemme just say, get ya 1-click finger ready because this book is THA BIZZOMB! I see so much of myself in Roxie-cause when I was reading, I saw myself as Roxie all up on Griffin…




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