Thirsty Thursday: Meet Saint Aknaten

Click the pic to read about my baby daddy
Click the pic to read about my baby daddy (This model is fuckin HAWT!)

Jesus Lawd, take me NOWWWW!!!! This man is too much! If you ask me what my ideal man is, I’ll just point you to this post. He is every.thing. Fine as hell, sexy as fuck, intelligent to a fault, funnier than Chris Rock, more swag than Diddy, and got super powers…Chile…What more can I say?

Who is Saint Aknaten? Well, he is a fictional character. He’s a Korean/Egyptian (what a combo!) credentialed sex therapist who organized this group for men called Rainbeaus. And according to the author of the Saint series, Tiana Laveen, “A Rainbeau is a ‘beau’ that dates outside of his race with intent to get to know her (bw), woo her, date her, take her home to mama and put a ring on it.) He is serious about his woman, period. Point blank.” Whaaaat???!!!

Saint talks that shit but he backs up every, single thing he says. He also harbors some special powers and is known as an Angel Child. He can move things with his mind, see things before they actually happen, and basically has the power to save the world. And he does all this while spittin Biggie Smalls lyrics! Who don’t want this man?! His woman, Xenia, is me (at least in my mind). They have 3 beautiful children who also have special powers. These books are an investment of time and imagination. These are not quick reads. You will know these characters intimately, and if you don’t have wet panties after finishing book 1, then I can’t do nuthin for ya man! Peep this trailer to see how Saint operates. SWOOOOOOON!!!!!


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