Monday Musings: Can We Get Some Diversity Please?



I mean damn… How many caramel-complected, long-haired, hazel-eyed, slim-waisted women do I have to read about? Yeah they do exist but so do mocha-skinned, natural-haired, regular ol’ brown-eyed, thick-waisted women like yours truly. We out here, and we’re the ones buying ya books!

Now I am not throwing shade at any writer in particular, but this seems to be the model female as of late. Just as a writer has the right to portray their characters any way they see fit, I have the right to bitch about it. I am just so frustrated by the lack of representation. Black women come in all shades but I only read about two: caramel and chocolate. Are we a damn sundae or what? I’ve posted a picture for future reference…


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