Maybe Baby: A Review

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You know how you have this one book in your Kindle (or Nook or other ereader) that just sits there and stares at you like “Read me please” but you always pick something else instead? No, oh well, I do all the time. These are almost always the best reads in your library, and Maybe Baby is no exception!

 I bought this book because it was on sale at the time I believe, and my initial thought was “Great, another baby book where the woman wants a baby, but her man doesn’t so he leaves her…” BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! This is my first (and definitely not my last) time reading anything by Kim Golden Malgram, and let me tell you: This girl can write! This is not your typical love story where man and woman break up and she meets someone new who heals her broken heart. Nope. This is masterful storytelling where man and woman got issues, and in the midst of these issues, she finds love when she wasn’t looking. I love those stories where it “just happens”.

 Maybe Baby takes place in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Denmark. What I also loved about this story was the countries were the backdrop to this story. We don’t get to experience very often in romance where a black woman is living and thriving in a country other than The United States. Vacations don’t count!  Laney has made a meaning and purposeful life abroad, and I enjoyed reading about that as well. Now, back to the story…Laney and her Swedish “husband” (more like common law) Niklas live a seemingly happy life until Laney announces she wants a child. Already you know that’s a red flag. Niklas is happy with the way things are. He rationalizes that they already have children-his children from a previous marriage. But these brats aren’t 7 and 8. They’re 15 and 18, and Niklas let’s them say and do any damn thing they want to-from their coming and going whenever they please to letting his daughter bring her one-night stands over to fuck whenever she wants. You read right! This is one of the many sources of contention between Laney and Niklas, and the reader can already sense trouble on the horizon.

When Laney decides to visit a sperm bank (yup, ol boy had a vasectomy and didn’t tell Laney till she announced she wanted a baby) to pick a potential donor, she comes across the profile of one Mads. Mads is the total opposite of Niklas. He’s a blue collar craftsman who makes and owns his own woodworking shop, whereas Niklas is a psychiatrist who is loaded and can offer Laney the fine comforts of life. Laney is so enamored of Mads that she watches his profile video 3 times. They meet by chance at a mixer thrown by the sperm bank (how weird is that?) and are instantly smitten with one another. What ensues is a low key passionate affair that turns Laney’s world inside out.

Now before you start puffing ya jaws about “I don’t read about infidelity”, slow yo roll! There are underlying circumstances and events that justify this forbidden union. In the end, love conquers all. I’ve given you enough. Go buy the book. And read it. Like now.


Trailer Tuesday: Smoke and Mirrors

One thing I like about Tiana Laveen’s writing is she is so unconventional. Only she would take a pimp and a madam and write about their actual humanity and make us care about these otherwise unsavory individuals in the midst of their fuckery. Her writing is raw, real, and just plain fucking good. Smoke and Mirrors is available now, and I can not wait to read this joint!

Monday Musings: Erotica Vs. Romance

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Is there a real difference? Can’t a body of work be romantic and highly erotic? I have posed this question many times, and each time I get a different answer, yet the general consensus seems to be this:

Romance is a story involving plot and character development in the midst of the couple falling in love (and having sex) while erotica is a sex-heavy story involving minimal plot and character development. Lemme just say: I THINK THIS IS BULLSHIT!

In my opinion, a good romance involves all three: Interesting plot, character development, and yummy sex scenes. When I say yummy sex scenes, I’m talking no-holds barred, descriptive sex. I don’t want to have to use my imagination dammit. I can do that without reading! I want my romance to show how the couple express themselves romantically and sexually. Now, if you ask someone else, they may say, nah girl, that’s erotica…What-eva.

Bottom line, I think the terms romance and erotica are a mere marketing ploy to attract a certain target group because I’ve read more than enough “romances” that have left me drier than the Sahara and countless “erotica” that were some of the sweetest romances ever….


New Feature: Pinterest Board of the Month


Welcome to my newest feature! I read a lotta fuckin books, and I am a visual reader, meaning I create the images of the characters and settings in my mind as I’m obsessing reading over my latest fave. So in honor of my sister’s book Southern Tide 2, I present my first Pinterest storyboard! I am soooo hyped! I actually worked with author SC Edward to create our vision of Brian and Kiara, as well as the supporting characters and settings. Pinterest boards give fans and potential fans alike an insight into the author’s vision.

It is my sincere hope that this is my first of many author collaborations to come! Authors: Holla at ya girl!

On The Radar


I’ve been very fortunate in my reading adventures to meet and befriend some very gifted writers. And full disclosure: Not only is this young lady a very talented writer, she’s also become a friend-even a sister. I read her book Redemption, and was so moved by it, that not only did I buy up her entire library, but I also emailed her and fangirled like a smitten teenager lol…From there, a blossoming friendship ensued…

Now this book, Southern Tide 2 is not necessarily a sequel to Southern Tide, but the story of the two supporting characters Brian and Kiara. It can be read as a stand alone, but you will see characters from the first book so you may as well buy that one too and read it first!

Here’s an excerpt (ST2):

“I’m not gonna disappear Ki. Even if you told me to get lost, I’d keep coming back. I’d be worse than Derek.”

She couldn’t hide her amusement and a wide grin spread across her face.

“Don’t make me laugh you ass.” she giggled.

“There’s that beautiful smile. Do you feel better now?”

“No.” she lied and punched him in the arm.

“Yes you do. Come here.” he said and pulled her into his arms. “I know you’ve been really upset but I’m gonna fix that.”

Before Kiara could reply, he bent over and his mouth came down upon hers. She would have liked to push him away or even pretend to once again be angry, but the sweet familiarity of his mouth against hers was too much to resist.

The minty-sweet taste of his mouth was delicious and she threw herself into the kiss, without so much as a thought of restraining herself. This was it; what she had been waiting for. She suddenly felt vibrant and eager to show this man who she was beneath the external veil.

There was no need to stifle her desires any longer. She deserved him and he deserved everything she had to give. This was not only a moment of elation, but one of clarity as well. Why should she hide her feelings and deny herself of Brian?

Derek had imposed ideas of unworthiness on her, but she no longer felt vulnerable. This was her life; her dream and by God she would have what she wanted.
Even though her mind was churning with all these new philosophies, she was still enraptured by the force of his tongue prodding into her mouth. But she didn’t want to be standing at the front door any longer. She reluctantly broke away from the passionate kiss, only to proceed up the staircase where her bed awaited them. She’d had enough of playing coy and pulled him by the hand, towards her bedroom.

She was as eager as a child leading her playmate to this secret and wonderful place. Brian followed without hesitation and once they reached their destination, he closed the door behind them and pinned her body against the wall.

Are you excited yet?! I cannot wait for this to drop! Stay tuned and subscribe or follow for a special announcement following the release!

Monday Musings: The Elephant In The Room

skin tonesOk, seriously, I am so sick and tired of reading about colorblind love. “When I look at you, I don’t see color…BULL.SHIT. When I look at you, the first thing I notice is your color. Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, it’s a huge part of the attraction-or not. It’s either that contrast or that likeness which draws us to one another. Why are some writers so afraid to address color in their writings? You go through the painstaking task of describing his curly, blond locks, sea green eyes, aquiline nose, and chiseled jaw, yet he and the mahogany-skinned beauty never address their mutual attraction to each other because of the obvious differences in skin tone. For anyone to say when they see me they don’t see color is to deny me of my very existence. It’s who God made me. It’s not all that I am, but it is one of the first things you see when you meet me, and until you get to know me, the individual, I’m sure you lump all the preconceived notions about black women along with it…

I find it refreshing when I read about a couple who can openly dialogue about race and misconceptions and overcoming prejudices without pretending that they aren’t black or white or Latino or Asian. Many say race is a social construct, and I would sometimes agree, but simply choosing that it doesn’t exist, in fiction, and real life, only perpetuates the cycle of prejudice. I’m just sayin…

Free Reads


I thought I’d try something different for this week’s recommendations. While these are not new releases, they are free, as in $0.00. If you are new to interracial romance or just curious, check out these books while they’re free. Get them now because they’re not guaranteed to be free forever…From top to bottom, left to right:

After The Storm by Jewel Moore: Cute lil story set in the UK

Taming The Scotsman by Sienna Mynx: Two hard-headed people meet by chance and try to ignore the spark between the two of them.

Love Like This by Sylvia Hubbard: If you love drama, WTFs, and hot lovin, then this book is for you. I’m telling you, Sylvia Hubbard writes some wild shit, and this one does not disappoint!

Safe House by Dez Burke: Part I of a 2-part biker series. Sweet tale of vet and biker turned lawyer turned biker out to exact revenge on a rival MC

The Ultimate Merger by Delaney Diamond: Prequel to the Hot Latin Lovers series. Hot Brazilian meets beautiful, intelligent  sista during a business meeting, sparks fly, and well…it’s free, get it!


A Tasty Review

Click the pic to purchase
Click the pic to purchase

Two words: Schmokin hawt!!!
There’s a reason this book is called Taste of Lacey, and I highly suggest you pick up a copy to find out why!

Lacey and Rye are childhood neighbors who grew up not giving each other a second thought romantically until a chance encounter at one of Lacey’s catering functions. It only takes a spark to ignate a flame, and author Linden Hughes set the building on FIYAH!!!

I love this story because it’s not only tastefully erotic (is that a paradox?), but highly romantic. Rye is an alpha to the core, and I love a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go and get it. Lacey is a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets! These two have chemistry off the charts, and I love a tale about two mature adults who do grown-up things unashamedly and unapologetically.

This is a quick read, but I savored every page. A story for grown, mature folks where a dick is a dick and a fuck is a fuck. There is no flowery language or suggestive talk. Linden brings the real. And I love that in my romance.