New Releases!

Week ending 7.4.14So many books, so few good picks…I mean, seriously. The interracial romance genre is saturated with so much bullshit, that I’m actually saving money. There are, however, some diamonds, or rubies, in the rough. Here are this weeks picks:

  • Suddenly Blue by Tressie Lockwood: I love her contemporary romances…
  • Deporting Dominic by Renee Lindemann: This will be my first read by this author, but this book sounds really interesting…
  • The Boy Is Mine: The Complete Series by Lena Hart: See…this heffa makes me mad. I really love her books, but word to the wise: When she releases a new book, don’t buy it. Wait til she drops the box set. It never fails. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I’ma break bad on yo ass…
  • Proving His Innocence by Toye Lawson Brown: Toye is so fucking slept on it’s ridiculous. All her books are the bomb! I’ve bought all of her IR books, and haven’t been disappointed. Scoop it!
  • Keir and Myah by Rena Manse: This is my dark horse pick of the week. I have both of this author’s previous works, but haven’t read them yet, but this one stood out because of the cover and the blurb. I don’t know what to expect, but I look forward to reading this one…

So, assert your independence and support these indie authors. I’ll be back next Friday with more picks. Enjoy your weekend!


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