Monday Musings: Erotica Vs. Romance

shara pic1


Is there a real difference? Can’t a body of work be romantic and highly erotic? I have posed this question many times, and each time I get a different answer, yet the general consensus seems to be this:

Romance is a story involving plot and character development in the midst of the couple falling in love (and having sex) while erotica is a sex-heavy story involving minimal plot and character development. Lemme just say: I THINK THIS IS BULLSHIT!

In my opinion, a good romance involves all three: Interesting plot, character development, and yummy sex scenes. When I say yummy sex scenes, I’m talking no-holds barred, descriptive sex. I don’t want to have to use my imagination dammit. I can do that without reading! I want my romance to show how the couple express themselves romantically and sexually. Now, if you ask someone else, they may say, nah girl, that’s erotica…What-eva.

Bottom line, I think the terms romance and erotica are a mere marketing ploy to attract a certain target group because I’ve read more than enough “romances” that have left me drier than the Sahara and countless “erotica” that were some of the sweetest romances ever….



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