Maybe Baby: A Review

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You know how you have this one book in your Kindle (or Nook or other ereader) that just sits there and stares at you like “Read me please” but you always pick something else instead? No, oh well, I do all the time. These are almost always the best reads in your library, and Maybe Baby is no exception!

 I bought this book because it was on sale at the time I believe, and my initial thought was “Great, another baby book where the woman wants a baby, but her man doesn’t so he leaves her…” BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! This is my first (and definitely not my last) time reading anything by Kim Golden Malgram, and let me tell you: This girl can write! This is not your typical love story where man and woman break up and she meets someone new who heals her broken heart. Nope. This is masterful storytelling where man and woman got issues, and in the midst of these issues, she finds love when she wasn’t looking. I love those stories where it “just happens”.

 Maybe Baby takes place in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Denmark. What I also loved about this story was the countries were the backdrop to this story. We don’t get to experience very often in romance where a black woman is living and thriving in a country other than The United States. Vacations don’t count!  Laney has made a meaning and purposeful life abroad, and I enjoyed reading about that as well. Now, back to the story…Laney and her Swedish “husband” (more like common law) Niklas live a seemingly happy life until Laney announces she wants a child. Already you know that’s a red flag. Niklas is happy with the way things are. He rationalizes that they already have children-his children from a previous marriage. But these brats aren’t 7 and 8. They’re 15 and 18, and Niklas let’s them say and do any damn thing they want to-from their coming and going whenever they please to letting his daughter bring her one-night stands over to fuck whenever she wants. You read right! This is one of the many sources of contention between Laney and Niklas, and the reader can already sense trouble on the horizon.

When Laney decides to visit a sperm bank (yup, ol boy had a vasectomy and didn’t tell Laney till she announced she wanted a baby) to pick a potential donor, she comes across the profile of one Mads. Mads is the total opposite of Niklas. He’s a blue collar craftsman who makes and owns his own woodworking shop, whereas Niklas is a psychiatrist who is loaded and can offer Laney the fine comforts of life. Laney is so enamored of Mads that she watches his profile video 3 times. They meet by chance at a mixer thrown by the sperm bank (how weird is that?) and are instantly smitten with one another. What ensues is a low key passionate affair that turns Laney’s world inside out.

Now before you start puffing ya jaws about “I don’t read about infidelity”, slow yo roll! There are underlying circumstances and events that justify this forbidden union. In the end, love conquers all. I’ve given you enough. Go buy the book. And read it. Like now.


3 thoughts on “Maybe Baby: A Review

  1. Read this and YES!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve read the entire Maybe Series and am anxiously awaiting her next book. She’s been added to my must read list!

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