On The “Columbusing” Of Interracial/Multicultural Romance


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There seems to be yet another bit of fuckery going on in my genre these days. Authors have been putting books with white characters in the IR/MC category on Amazon. And I’m here to say, if you do that you will be called on it. Readers will post reviews warning other readers about your deceitful bullshit, so it would behoove you not to do it. You always know that something has become popular and profitable when white folk show up to take it over. When folk like Suzanne Brockmann start claiming to have created t. Again, hell no. And don’t step to me about your tender fee-fees. Y’all didn’t give a shit about our feelings when you were claiming black folk don’t read. And it’s most recent iteration; black writers can’t write. Don’t bring any white women’s tears up in here. You will regret it.

And before some other kumbayah…

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One thought on “On The “Columbusing” Of Interracial/Multicultural Romance

  1. I find it amusing that now Suzanne Brockmann talks like she invented the IR genre or that she was the one who revolutionized it. She can go on thinking that. I will choose to ignore her and keep doing my own thing.

    But this “columbusing” happens all the time. In this case, I wish someone like, Kim McLarin (who granted doesn’t write romance novels, but whose IR women’s fiction inspired me to write it) and Sandra Kitt would take Brockmann down a peg or two for all her grandstanding.

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