PSA: About This Blog

One thing to know about this blog is that it is not a kum-ba-ya, let’s all get together and play nice kinda place. It’s also not a mean girls site. But what I do is keep it real with my thoughts and opinions, and I welcome all points of view. I love a good debate and welcome both like and opposing opinions. This is also not a strict review blog or a kiss ass blog. Of course I have my favorites, but I try to be as fair and balanced as possible at all times. No one pays me for my time or mentions. This is a true labor of love. I love to read interracial romance novels, and this is my outlet to talk about what I read and observe in this growing genre. So, yep, that’s all…


5 thoughts on “PSA: About This Blog

  1. Do your thing, honey! sometimes honesty is harsh but so is life. I’m sorry if me or anyone else made you feel like you were being pressured. and if it was me, it wasn’t intentional AT ALL!! we’re all grown folks here, we can take it. 🙂

    1. No it wasn’t you! I felt compelled to write this as a result of a heated FB exchanged I was involved in the other day regarding the content of my blog. Some grown folks obviously couldn’t take it so I just had to vent 😀

      1. Whew!! 😀
        Nooo don’t let FB suck you in on the madness!! I nearly had to fight a ‘friend’ over his b.s comments about what women owe men because they married her, ugh!
        anyway, It’s your blog do what you want to do!! Your honesty is necessary and helpful!

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