You know, I don’t like to start shit, but this has been on my mind since this bullcocky went down last week, and I just have to let it out: SOME OF Y’ALL SIPPIN THE KOOL-AID TOO DAMN MUCH!

Last week, a vicious, potentially malicious, and unfounded rumor circulated in the various IR romance forums last that I am going to post here. While I will not call out the author (who happens to be a popular, best-selling IR/MC romance writer), if you run in these circles, then you know who she is. So without further ado:

Due to the recent witchhunt started by at least 3 IR authors to rid the Multicultural & Interracial Category of all books they didn’t want on there, Amazon has begun removing books left and right without notice or reason from the category. Almost all of the Latino (Multicultural) books are gone as well as lots of other interracial books. Amazon doesn’t read the books, they just go by the complaints and take them out of the category…Amazon hates controversy and if this keeps up they will DELETE the interracial category and say screw it to all of us. If you’re a reader please don’t participate in this. I’m disappointed…

Now I took this excerpt verbatim (grammar included). And let me state for the record: THIS IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT! And not only am I disappointed in the author who foolishly posted this, but all of the readers who co-signed this bullshit without any concrete evidence that this really happened. My initial reaction was Who da 3 authors? Call their asses out! Ya know? Why are you protecting someone who’s fucking with your livelihood? Then my second reaction was, Amazon don’t give a damn about the IR/MC category. That’s quite evident by all the non-IR/MC books I see listed there. I see all kinds of fetish porn, animals fucking white women, and aliens with purple skin listed there and Amazon didn’t do a damn thing! But I digress…

It is very dangerous when you believe and spread rumors because somebody you like and trust said it was true without them providing any concrete evidence. I am happy to report that the author who started this mess has since deleted the post on her FB wall and has gone AWOL, and I’ve also seen it deleted from the various groups that I participate in. It’s bad enough that the IR/MC genre has become saturated with crap writing and overpriced pamphlets, but I believe this was a calculated move to cause division in this fledgling, yet popular genre of romance writing. We have to form a united front to keep this genre strong, and when one of our own brings this kind of drama into the fold, it not only weakens us, but divides us as well. Next time, decline that drink if the glass ain’t clean. I’m just sayin…




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