Character Profile: Michelle Bradley (The Blake Boys Series)

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Rhonda Laurel, Romance Author

  Michelle Bradley Banner


“Do you think I’m good girlfriend material?” Michelle

“Of course you are.  If I were a man I’d date you.” – Morgan

 – Love Notes and Football

Name:                          Michelle Bradley

Occupation:              Store Manager at Reed Books

Marital Status:      Single

Where I Live:              Philadelphia, PA


What can I say?  I love my job.  I get to spend my days hanging out with my best friend Morgan.  It seems like only yesterday that I walked into Reed Books looking to use the restroom and ended up getting a job.  I’m Morgan’s designated funny bone since my friend is so serious all the time.  It wasn’t until she met Seth that she learned how to lighten up and enjoy life.

Morgan’s great relationship with Seth has given me the inspiration to find my own ‘happily ever after’. I was hopeful that love was just around the corner but all I found was Tyler Blake.  Seth’s evil twin…

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