Monday Musings: Buyer Beware!


You ever see a new release by one of your fave authors, and you’re all gung-ho about it, and you one-click it because, hey, they’re your fave, so you don’t ask questions? So you get the book on your Kindle (or other ereader), and you dive in inwardly giddy and overcome with excitement cause you have the latest and greatest by your favorite author only to get past Chapter 1 and the red flags pop like Crisco. “What in the holy hell? I already bought this damn book! I’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled….!”


This used to be a hot source of contention for me personally because I snatch up ebooks like they’re going to actually sell out. I barely read the fine print. I see “favorite author”, “new release”, and cute cover, and I am a 1-clickin fool. But now…not so much. I would curse the day the author was born if I bought a book only to discover that it was one that I had already purchased, but I have been educated.

I used to think that authors were re-releasing their books to make an easy buck or just being lazy, but that’s not always the case. Most often, an author has gained or re-gained the rights back to their works from a publishing company making it truly theirs. They often make edits and/or revisions and give the book a facelift with an all new cover and re-release it under their own brand (or a different publisher). “Well why doesn’t Amazon warn me that I already bought the book on such and such a date then…”, you may ask. I learned that when the re-published title is listed on Amazon, it is often assigned a new index number or whatever it’s called thus giving it the appearance of an actual original work. At this point it is up to the author and/or publisher to disclose in the synopsis that you are buying a “previously published work” and that the title, author, publisher may have changed. That’s the honest thing to do, and as a reader, I really appreciate this because I have been burned (by several popular authors) on more than one occasion. The title didn’t always change, but the cover did, and nowhere in the description was it disclosed that it was a previously published work. So I was ass-out the money…

So…I’m saying all this to say, if a book title or synopsis looks and sounds familiar, check your archives first before clicking that button! You may already have it or already have read it. And shame on the decepticons for not keeping it real…



3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Buyer Beware!

  1. I think it’s also the responsibility of the author to inform the reader that the book may have been previously published under X name, or by X publisher with the publication date. A lot of folks won’t do that… they’re all about that hoodwink and bamboozle game. Those folks get mayjah side-eye.

  2. a girlfriend tipped me off to this about 7 years ago, she likes to buy Harlequin paperbacks & found herself accidentally buying an old book at Wally*World she’d read in the past.

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