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Good gawd, he's fucking hot!
Good gawd, he’s fucking hot!

I have a new book boo, and his name is Jose Martinez!

Y’all…Ancelli has knocked it out of the park with this one! Jose Martinez is everything you could want in a man and more: He’s a sexy, attentive, hard-working, humble, driven, dedicated father who will not only lotion your body but oil your scalp and buy your feminine hygiene products! WHAT?! You don’t read no stuff like that in romance today. Jose is the epitome of not judging a book by it’s cover, and in this story he is torn between two types of women: The snobby but ultra sexy I-need-a-man-who’s-gonna-take-care-of-me-and-not-the-other-way-around, and the demure but undercover sexy ride-or-die chick. Which one are you?

 Jose made some bad choices in life (who hasn’t for goodness sake) that have temporarily rendered him down, but not out. He’s unemployed, homeless, and fighting for custody of his son. Through the goodness of Miss Snoot booty, Connie, she gives him a job as a janitor to help him get back on his feet, and through the goodness of Miss Ride or Die Jewel, she offers him tutelage to help him obtain his GED, his dignity, and the courage to become a better man for himself and ultimate his son. Jose is grateful to both ladies for their assistance, and through a series of encounters, he becomes torn between the two, all the while knowing who’s the better choice for him although the flesh and the heart sometimes have a mind of their own.

 Ancelli has really done the damn thang with these characters. They’re so real and relatable. I mean, most women we read about go to sleep and wake up flawless ala Beyonce. I wish I could…Ol girl Jewel wraps her hair at night and wears her headscarf like most of us do. As I’m reading, I feel like I’m there in the moment eye-witnessing these characters interact. I  rooted for Jose. He was an around-the-way guy who smoked black and milds and used profanity as part of his everyday vocabulary (loved him just for that). He is a man of conviction and determination. He has no shame of his past because he doesn’t let it define him but instead finds motivation to become a better man through the encouragement of his brother and sister-in-law Javier and Jazmine (from Love Through Pain) and Jewel, who also happens to be his sister-in-law and roommate.

Without giving away the entire plot, I recommend that you read this book! It’s a wonderful romance, and the love scenes are SCHMOKIN HOT!!!!

Not Always by Ancelli is available now on Amazon. Cop dat!


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