Kindle Unlimited Hidden Gems

In this week’s edition of Kindle Unlimited Hidden Gems, I present 3 offerings that I’ve actually “purchased”. I enjoyed these stories very much. Each of these books have some serious undertones, but not heavy-hearted themes. If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, consider the 30-day trial, and read as many books as you can “for free”.  As always, click the pic to be taken to the purchase page.


The synopsis of this book does not do it justice. The author is basically giving you a summary of the first few chapters, but this is the story of a woman who feels abandoned and alone and is desperate to feel loved and just valid. She does something very foolhardy like taking up a stranger on his offer to be his travel companion, but the story develops nicely. Worth a read…

Ok, I’m a sap when it comes to romance. I really liked this story. Mimi is a city slicker who is seeking a calmer, more serene lifestyle, so she impulsively decides to give up city life and head for the country. She didn’t count on meeting fine-ass Gabe, a cowboy with issues. Read to see how their encounter plays out.
I like this collection for personal reasons because the heroine is a voluptuous black woman named Patrice. And I’m a voluptuous black woman named Patrice, but I digress…This series is a spinoff of Pretty Fly For A White Guy (which I also loved). Patrice is the owner of modeling agency and Michael is a restauranteur/entrepreneur. Ol boy is keeping secrets that threatens his already fragile relationship with Patrice because she’s got some self-esteem issues in spite of putting up a good front. Worth a checking out…

And I shall return next Friday with an all-new lineup of fresh picks!



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