Monday Musings: Billionaires, Millionaires, Military Men…


Oh, and let’s not forget shifters. This is all I am practically seeing in new IR releases lately, and truthfully, I am so over it. I know there is a designated group of fans who love to get lost in an alpha-asshole billionaire tale or the hot, hunky, loner military dude with a chip on his shoulder who comes to rescue some damsel in distress. but I am desperately seeking sum’n new and sum’n fresh. I think I have about enough billionaires, marines, and werewolves to last me a lifetime. And please do not take my commentary as shade towards those authors who specialize in these types of stories. More power to them, make your paper, but I’m a chick who likes to read a variety of romance-more specifically, romance rooted in realism. I wanna read about the everyman who meets a fine sista, they’re feeling each other, they fall in love, go thru some shit, work it out, and ride off into the sunset. I wanna read about some dude who’s down on his luck, meets a sista who’s got her shit together, and she takes a chance on him cause she sees the potential, and they uplift each other, and ride off into the sunset. I wanna read about a guy that’s got his shit together who meets a sista who’s got her shit together, they vibe, but some shit goes down that could break them up, but they work it out and ride off into the sunset. Don’t trip, this is but one sista’s opinion…

6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Billionaires, Millionaires, Military Men…

  1. Agreed, it’s getting a little ridiculous with the amount of Billionaires and Millionaires, and everyone’s got their Sh*zz together at like 22. I’m going to need someone to be normal. I appreciate stories where average people occasionally get into extraordinary things, but mostly everyday life has plenty of awesome right in there.

    1. Yes! There are so many wonderful stories that can be told about “average” people but I always here my fellow readers say they read for the escape and not to read real life. Hell, the escape is the HEA! Life is almost never wrapped up in a pretty epilogue.

  2. I just had the lightbulb moment a few days ago that I’m getting tired of billionaires. I usually don’t read many werewolf or military stories, but I can see how they’d get old. Have you read the Neighbor From Hell series? I liked them because they are funny, and deal with average joes in the real world. I highly recommend.

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