Kindle Unlimited Picks of The Week

This week’s picks both have something in common: They both blend hood life with IR romance. Now I call it hood life because one or more of the central characters are from, well, the hood (I refuse to say ghetto because it has a negative connotation, and it’s just damn demeaning.) To me, hood signifies a community of people who happen to have less economically than those who live in the suburbs, but still go through the same shit-different folks, same strokes-but at varying levels. But I digress… Now, I present this weeks picks!

Fun, fun, fun!
Fun, fun, fun!

First up is a novella from a newcomer on the IR scene. Married To The Mob: Detroit by Charmaine Saquea. This is a good fusion of urban lit, interracial romance, and mafia madness.

Clarissa and Francesco come from opposite sides of the tracks-well ocean if you want to keep it real. She’s a down-ass hood chick, and he’s the underboss of Detroit’s biggest and most powerful mafia family. Of course there are family members who strongly disapprove of their union even after 6 years together, 3 of them being as a married couple. Even with 2 kids between them! I really like Rissa (as she’s referred to throughout the book) because she commands respect even though she knows she is hated and sometimes feared by the family and constituents. Talk slick, and she will cut you-literally. Frankie, on the other hand, has a quiet air of authority because his respect is automatically given simply because of his name and position.

This story is funny, serious, and sometimes WTF (I think her baby daddy Ricky is just too close for comfort). I thought Rissa was a big hypocrite for leaving Ricky because of his lifestyle, yet she’s embroiled in this mob life, and as much as I enjoyed this story, I wish we could have gotten a little more background on Frankie and Rissa’s relationship. Although we’re told briefly how they met through a flashback, I would have liked to read more interaction between them as a couple. Overall, not a bad story at all. I look forward to reading the rest of the saga.

And lastly is an oldie from Deatri King-Bey entitled Ebony Angel. This is a novel-length read.

You can tell from the cover, it's an oldie:)
You can tell from the cover, it’s an oldie:)

Let me start off by saying that this was a really good read. I think the synopsis may have turned some people off, and those who did decide to read it, entered with all sorts of preconceived notions of what to expect. Yes, this story takes place in the ‘hood. Yes, there are some ‘hood elements in this story (naturally, duh). But Ebony, the heroine of this tale, is far from ‘hood or ghetto. From the beginning, I found her endearing, sweet, and with a good head on her shoulders. She is smart and goal-oriented, and she doesn’t let her past or economic circumstances deter her from getting the things she wants in life-and that includes Richard, the white love of her life.

For Ebony and Richard, it was literally love at first sight, and from there you read about the journey they take coming to terms with these sudden feelings while dealing with issues of race, economic status, family drama, and everything else in between. The problem they both have is this savior complex where they feel compelled to save everyone around them (including each other) but themselves and this causes all kinds of turmoil.  Some parts can be a little frustrating because of their do-right attitude, but still worth the read in my opinion.

I’m discovering so many hidden gems on Kindle Unlimited that my TBR pile is becoming a volcanic eruption! There are so many talented writers out here who don’t get enough shine, and I hope to give them just a little glimmer when I recommend their work because they all deserve a fair shot too. Add them to your list today!


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