Murder? Juice-Ay! Abuse? Wow! Cheating? Oh Hell Nah…


“I rate this book 1-star because there is no excuse for a man/woman to cheat on their spouse, and that’s just something I can’t forgive…” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH….REALLY????

I honestly do not understand how some readers get so decisively enraged when they read a work of fiction that involves infidelity-no matter what the circumstances may be! I am a member of several reading groups on FB, and this is a heated source of contention when the subject comes up. And I mean heated! The book could be a superb work of fiction that details real-life, complex situations in a relationship, and the fact that someone cheated will reduce this masterpiece to nothing more than a piece of smut.

Now I get that infidelity may be a sore subject to some readers for personal reasons. But what I don’t understand is the hypocrisy of it all. These are the same readers who can read a story about a man who emotionally and physically sodomizes his wife yet forgive him because of his “rough childhood”, yet if a man and wife are having unresolvable marital issues, and he meets another woman and falls in love, Nope, nah uh…HE’S A LOUSE!


2 thoughts on “Murder? Juice-Ay! Abuse? Wow! Cheating? Oh Hell Nah…

  1. You keep posting ’cause I love all of them. Great point. I do plan to include everyday relationship situations in all of my novels because heck life is not easy. I get that readers want to escape from their lives by living vicariously through the HEA achieved by fictional characters. But an author, in my opinion, must stay true to the story in his or her head, and not be afraid to include hard to swallow topics in his or her novel. Thanks for this post.

    1. Yesssss! Authors must tell their truth instead of what they think their readers might enjoy. And sometimes that includes writing about difficult or unsavory subjects. I think that elicits healthy discussion and broadens the readers’ perspective even if they may not agree.

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