A Toast To Cliches


DISCLAIMER: This musing is a tongue-in-cheek poke at romance writing, so please take it all with a grain of salt…

I have read literally hundreds of IR romance books, and here are some of the recurring characteristics, themes, or occurrences. So, without further ado, why do:

1.       Almost all of the black women have almond-shaped eyes?

2.       The men pinch the bridge of their noses when they’re upset, weary, or agitated?

3.       The women lick their top lip when they’re in a nervous predicament?

4.       The men almost always get an instant hard on when they see the woman for the first time?

5.       The women cum on command when told, and how can I do that? Seriously…

6.       The men growl when in an aroused or romantic state?

7.       The  women never wrap their hair or wear a head scarf when they go to bed? Come on y’all…you know we don’t lay our heads down without either wrapping it up in a scarf first or sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

8.       The women sigh before kissing the man or succumbing to his charms?

9.       The man and the woman always have full lips?

10.     The man always have a chiseled jaw and/or an aquiline nose?

11.      They always make omelets for breakfast and make steaks dinner?

12.      The man’s cock always twitch?

I’m just saying…lol.

7 thoughts on “A Toast To Cliches

  1. I have noticed this as well especially in IR. For instance he has a Roman nose and she has a heart shaped face and bow like lips. I wonder where this particular formula comes from? One thing that annoys me is the infamous gravitational pull or the electric charge when they touch. This doesn’t take away from the story just merely an observation.

    1. Yasssss lol.. The electric charge! I love em all… Authors we just messing with y’all. We love ya!

  2. LOL. You’re stepping on my toes *runs to my manuscript to take out these cliches*. Love it. Thanks 🙂

  3. Noooo lol…It’s all lighthearted fun. I enjoy reading these moments because they’re so familiar 😀

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