Monday Musings: Books with race in the title…



  • Me and The White Billionaire*
  • The Millionaire’s Black Secretary
  • My Asian Persuasian
  • My White Gynecologist
  • The Black Billionaire’s Mistress

It’s racist. It’s misogynistic. It’s tacky. It’s fetish-y. It’s gross… I think the reading audience is intelligent enough to conclude by your cover and/or book description that it’s an interracial romance. Now I know that titles like this are attention-grabbing and actually turn some people on. I’m not one of them. I actually let my curiosity get the better of me, and I bought one of these books, and you know what? It wasn’t half bad, but the title wasn’t even befitting of the storyline because he was a decent guy doing lots of other stuff besides being a millionaire. I’m one and done. Any existing or future titles that include race as a selling point automatically go on my Do Not Buy List. How do you feel about it?







*These are fictional titles but you can find the real ones listed all throughout the IR romance listings on Amazon.

8 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Books with race in the title…

  1. Preach! I seriously avoid even looking at descriptions of those books. I get that you’re trying to pull in a certain demographic, but seriously? Use a brain cell and don’t pander.

    1. Hello!!! But then you have those with a race-fetish who actively seek out these titles. Ewww…

  2. I agree! It sets the tone for the book and usually in my experience books that have race in the title are very fetish type. They don’t explore IR relationships they just explore the sex or list side of it. It gets annoying because this genre is mostly about the relationship aspect race is mentioned but it doesn’t dominate everything. We know she’s black and he’s not you don’t have to keep mentioning it.

  3. Wow. Straight to the point. I love your blog. Keep telling the truth. I tend to be more picky in my reading overall these days. A book I would have spent my money on, let’s say a few years ago, now I’m more cautious with my selections (when I do get the time to read).

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