Kindle Unlimited Picks Of The Week

Book order from left to right, top to bottom
Book order from left to right, top to bottom

This week I present to you an ongoing series! I fucking love this series and highly recommend! Now, I must caution you that these are very short reads, and being the cheapie that I am, would only read them because of Kindle Unlimited. I’m so glad that I took the chance, because these quickies are fire!

These books are actually more of a serial than a series so to speak. Think of them as 30 minute episodes of The Black and The Beautiful lol. So the story centers around a beautiful, dark-skinned, model-esque woman named Felina Felix (think Danai Gurira of The Walking Dead), and her headstrong, ball-busting mother Arabella (think Clair Huxtable, not Phylicia Rashad). These two women give me life! They are not only beautiful, but intelligent, full of life, charming, witty, and have the men sniffing like rabid dogs!

Follow along as Felina and her man Scott deal with new love, prejudice, and the haters while Ms. Arabella is getting her groove back after years of widowhood. I do wish each installment were longer because I gobble them up so quickly, but the impressions are lasting. Book 1 is Felina’s Life and Loves. I urge you to try it today and let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Picks Of The Week

  1. You are killing me with these suggestions. (In a good way of course) I love your rare finds. You are like a thrift store for good reads. Lol

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