Monday Musings: You Are Such A Hypocrite

The beautiful, the incomparable Kathleen Cleaver

Black Person: How can you proclaim to be so pro-black, yet you write so passionately about black women all hugged up with white men?

Me: First of all, I don’t proclaim, I am. So I can’t love myself and my people without having an affinity for fiction that involves black women who are loved and admired by men of other races? Do you come at readers of urban lit just as hard? You know, the books that glorify the street life where women are constantly referred to as bitches, ho’s, side chicks, and thots?

Black Person: You’re a hypocrite.

Me: How? And you didn’t answer my question.

Black Person: Because you’re glorifying black women being objectified by the white man.

Me: (Laughing hysterically) Where are you getting your information? Have you even read one interracial romance novel? And you still haven’t answered my question.

Black Person: You’re turning your back on black men.

Me: I’m glad my literary interests concern you so much. Why don’t you take this energy and put it into registering young people to vote, protesting against police brutality, or teaching young men that when a woman says no, that means respect her body and her space. In conclusion, black person, you can have several seats. RFK Stadium is empty at the moment. Take your pick of the 45,596 available right now…Peace