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This was my first ever book by Billy London, and it’s my favorite in the Italian Knights series. I admittedly thought Billy London was a white dude at first (don’t ask me why. Ok, I don’t know any women named Billy who spell their name the traditional masculine way). Anyway, all of Billy’s books are set in the UK, and they are hilarious! I love she uses British vernacular. I find myself speaking in a fake British accent when I’m reading…

Windows is the story of Gina and Nick. Gina is a chef and Nick is a wise guy businessman. These two loons grew up BFFs but secretly have the hots for each other but are too damn stubborn or afraid to admit their feelings. Gina gets caught up in some shit trying to pay off her late father’s debts so she owes these loan sharks some money. Nick, meanwhile, is filthy rich. I’m like duh, hit ya boy up for the money, he’s your BFF after all and would die for you…But noooo…she makes life hard for herself, but once Nick finds out, it’s on…

I will leave it at that. This story is comical, but also very, very naughty at the same time. I just love the banter between these two, but you will want to throttle Gina at times because of her “I don’t need no help” attitude making things so damn difficult while Nick will make you swoon. Not only will you enjoy this tale, but you’ll also pick up a few words for your vocabulary at the same time. Windows is available for free via Kindle Unlimited. Oh, and I love the new cover art too.



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