Mended: A Review

As much as I like to brag about how tech savvy I am, I’m really not. Who the hell knew you could copy and paste your Goodreads Reviews onto your blog all nice and purty?! Peep my review of Mended by Kimberly M. Clayborne.



Mended by Kimberly M. Clayborne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mended is my first ever read by author Kimberly M. Clayborne, and I must say that I am impressed. I have read hundreds of books by (relatively) unknown authors, and truthfully, they’re like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get…

That being said, Mended is aptly titled because it tells the story of a woman who is learning to heal after a failed marriage that ended due to a cheating spouse-the husband, that is. Kassidy, or Kassie, enters the tale a very bitter, disheartened woman. She’s grieving more than the loss of her marriage, and all that anger and resentment radiates from her upon site. As the reader, you’re thinking “Oh no…angry black woman…” but no! Read on my friends…

Timothy, or Tim is the gorgeous nerdy-looking dude who lives next door to the house Kassie just purchases after her divorce, and he is immediately attracted to Kassie, but that stank attitude of hers leaves little to be desired although he can’t help to be drawn to this woman in the most insatiable way. I must caution you that this story starts off incredibly slow, but then when the ice around Kassie’s heart begins to thaw, KA-BOOM-this tale crescendos into something like WHOA…who are these people?!

I overall enjoyed this story very much with exception to the initial slow pace. This was such a sweet read-a broken woman full of self-doubt, not just because a man broke her heart, but because she grew up with a broken heart. As the reader, you have to keep reminding yourself of this throughout the story because Kassie at times can be frustrating. She rejects Tim when things move too quickly or smoothly, and you just want to shake her! The story ending was also kind of lackluster. I’m a big fan of epilogues in romance, and although not required for me to love a story, I felt there was no real conclusion-just an “ending.” Also, some of the dialogue is a bit repetitive, especially the use of the word “softly” which I completely lost count of because it was used so often. With that being said, I do recommend. This is a novel-length read with no cliffhangers.


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