Kindle Unlimited Pick of the Week


This week’s pick is a little of a departure for me because it’s (gasp) a Christian read! Yes, chile. And it’s a historical to boot! From Across The Divide is written by author K. Victoria Chase, and if you are  a fan or reader of  her books knows, then you know that she writes very clean, very heartwarming romance stories without being all preachy and over-zealous.


A prodigal son returns home to discover what is truly important in life: family, freedom, and love.

Freedman, Alabama–1963

With the charms of debauchery fading, Eric Montgomery travels home in search of a fresh start. Shadows of his past trail him to a place of division and desolation…and not only in his mind. The fractured faith of his youth is tested among the injustice of his people and the lure of a beautiful–but holy–black woman.

The return of her best friend is an answer to prayer in the most unexpected way. The boy Elie Brown knew is now a man; one whose kiss compels her to a choice forbidden by her people. They can’t even sit together in the same restaurant; how can their love survive?

If you’re looking to “clean” your romance palate, and explore something different, then I do suggest giving this one a try. I love my erotica, but sometimes it’s nice to come across a romance that isn’t heavy on the sex, but still as intimate nonetheless.


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