Monday Musings: One Mo ‘Gain

November IR Releases

When I started this blog, I did it completely on a whim. Well, not completely, but I needed an outlet where I could talk about my love of interracial romance stories, specifically IR romance stories that feature women of the African diaspora, black women. I’ve gotten a few backhanded compliments about this. Just some real slick coded speak eluding to “Why do you only feature a specialized IR?” And my response to that is “Why not?” Do you ask bloggers of mainstream romance why they only blog about mainstream (code word for WW/WM) romance when they only blog about and promote such? Ok then…

But that is not the point of this post. My point is, there are many great authors who write wonderful stories who go under the radar and unnoticed because they aren’t considered mainstream and are therefore compartmentalized into this category that often gets overlooked for the simple fact that they’re labeled “interracial”.  My goal is to help give them the recognition they deserve. I am attempting to brand my blog and my mission til BW interracial romance becomes romance without labels or until the authors and stories can compete on the same level without being placed into a subgenre like paranormal and historical. I’m taking my mission social media-wide. If you love reading these types of stories, please connect with us. We enjoy networking, meeting people with like interests, and discovering new stories. Yes, this is a shameless promotion.





Twitter (Meh…I’m still thinking about this one…)


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings: One Mo ‘Gain

  1. Keep up the Good Work, so happy you let the Backhanded compliments “roll off your back” pun intended….I have read approximately 300 IR books in a year, which is unheard of for me. These stories are so refreshing and a breath of fresh air, I can relate to the situations my Sista’s go through initially, and reading the journey for positive resolutions. What more can I say about the exposure of all of the Talented Author/Writers. Happy for the Support and some of your Musings make me laugh.

  2. Very smart move to “brush your shoulders off”. Though I’m not a social media person I do understand your hesitancy with twitter. So overdone, would instagram work?

    1. I have a personal a/c on IG, but I never considered it for the blog. Hmmmm…Honestly tho, this social media jazz is real work when you’re not doing it for personal fun.

      1. You are correct..too time consuming which selfish fans such as myself would give you the Sophia Loren side eye, thinking you’d abandoned your craft to keep company with Taylor Swift;()

  3. I myself run a blog however my blog is one that mainly features mainstream romance. I started reading African American romance back in secondary school and somehow drifted into what is now classified as “mainstream”. I never ever noticed the great divide until this year when I started reading IR romances. I agree with you 100% that Inter Racial stories has so much to offer but are often overlooked. I try to feature a few interracial novels per week. They deserve the recognition and the gap needs to be bridged. Count me in

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