Kindle Unlimited Pick of The Week

Wow a week goes by really quickly! I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone with these KU picks. I’ll include my review as well (except when I don’t lol)…But anyway, this week’s pick is by author KC King. I’ve read her book A Subtle Tenderness and became an instant fan, so when I saw her latest offering on KU, I scooped it up! Check it out!

All this Love (Infinity Book 1)All this Love by K.C. King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book via Kindle Unlimited, and All This Love is the second book written and that I’ve read by author KC King. If you are a fan of A Subtle Tenderness and are expecting more of the same, fugettaboutit! Ol girl brings the nasty with this one, and I was clutching my pearls. I was like Ok Ms. King, I see you!

So the story begins innocently enough with Katerina, or Kate, joining her family for their yearly sojourn at the beach. I appreciate the author’s glossary of characters because there are a lot of them! They rent this huge beach house where they spend their days frolicking in the sun, cooking delicious meals, catching up with one another, and just being in each others’ company. I really enjoyed reading the family elements in this book-and not just from Kate’s side either.

Kate on the surface initially seems like this uptight, bougie chick who enunciates every syllable because she “paid for it long enough”, and you’re thinking ok, lemme brace myself for some mess, but she proved me wrong (thank goodness!) She’s a woman who’s recently single and getting her groove back. She’s lost a good deal of weight and has regained her self-confidence. On her daily trek to the gym (still at the beach resort), she encounters this dude named Max, who at first comes off as this major dick because he has this perpetual scowl and is just plain salty. Kate, being the positive, upbeat woman that she is approaches him and tells him basically to chill dude. Life is too short to be hatin…

This strikes a major chord with Max. He’s instantly intrigued with this woman, and from there, a friendship buds. As the days pass and eventually months after they’ve both left the resort, Kate and Max grow closer, emotionally and of course physically, but there are obstacles-distance, children, family, and exes. These two start off all sweet, respectable, and docile, but after one taste of each others’ goodies, these two are SPRUNG! The rest of the story is filled with navigating through their burgeoning relationship with interludes of hot, passionate lovemaking-ooooh weeee! And I love the underlying theme of the story: infinity…swoon…

My final rating is 4.5 stars. I deducted half a star because of a couple of things some of Max’s family members said in reference to Kate. Thomas, Max’s brother said something that just rubbed me the wrong way and Max didn’t check him. He said “I walked in on my brother giving head to one of the prettiest black girls I’ve seen in a while.” Really dude? She couldn’t just be a pretty girl, but a pretty black girl…Boy bye…And don’t get me started on old Aunt Cordelia. We aren’t colored. We are of color, you old bat. May seem insignificant to some, but as a pretty girl who happens to be black, it meant a lot. Nevertheless, I recommend this book-the love scenes will have your writhing and some more!


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