Kindle Unlimited Pick Of The Week

If y’all don’t know by now, I am a huge Kim Golden fan. She hasn’t written a lot of books, but I much prefer quality over quantity. Have you read her Maybe Baby series? No? Get to it! But here’s a quickie that I really liked that’s available now on Kindle Unlimited. I wish this were longer cause…I just wanted it to be longer!!!

Choose Me: a novella

Choose Me: a novella by Kim Golden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ahhh…So Enjoyable

Kim Golden is a masterful storyteller! Her writing is so rich in imagery that as the reader, you feel like you’re in that time and space witnessing it all as it unfolds.

Choose Me is the story of Jessica and Chris-two American students studying abroad in Scotland. They meet in a bar and sparks fly. Chris is a photography apprentice and Jessica is studying for her thesis in literature. Their story is romantic and passionate without gratuitous or heavy sex scenes. What I also love about this story most is that it’s not some idealistic tale of interracial love. Jessica has real concerns about how they’re relationship will be perceived by her friends and family once they return home while Chris has a who cares attitude. This is what eventually leads to their breakup.

Flash forward two years and a chance meeting brings them back together. The love and the longing is still there, but will Jessica still let the opinions of others block her own happiness? Girl you better get your man!

I wish this story were longer because I wanted to know indeed if Jessica followed her heart instead of her head and how she dealt with the aftermath of her decision but a very good read nonetheless.


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