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I’m so glad that we’ve started doing these interviews because you see the names and books of authors on Amazon and other booksellers, but you don’t really know much about them. Our goal is to introduce you to the authors whose names you may only know through your browsing of new reads or even amongst the many Facebook groups. I had personally seen Jamallah in passing in a few mutual groups, but we’ve never had a dialogue-until now! Read on to get to know author Jamallah Bergman, and for your chance to win one of Jamallah’s books (whoop whoop!)

MIRJ: First question we ask of all authors is, Why IR?

JB: Well I’ve always been interested in writing Interracial because I myself have always been interested in interracial relationships. I love to see a couple be together regardless of their race because they don’t see the color of their skin but only they see the love within each other’s hearts. In my stories I try to show that, I don’t mainly just focus on the fact that yes, my hero or heroine is of a different race from each other. It shouldn’t be like that in a story and it also shouldn’t be like that in real life. If you love someone, you look beyond the fact of what they may look like as far as their race, their weight or anything else. Love is love and if you love the person that you want to pursue and you go to no bounds to be with that person, then that makes for a great story.

MIRJ: Did you always know you wanted to be a writer? If not what made you want to become a writer?

JB: I’ve always wanted to be a writer…..that or become a chef and own my own restaurant or café. I say it like this as far as why I wanted to become a writer……I had a story that needed to be told and I have that ability to tell it with my work. I always have a story to tell and I enjoy telling it and showing it with others so that way they can enjoy my story too.

MIRJ: Do you write full-time?

JB:  Yes I do write full time.

MIRJ: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing and trying to publish your books?

JB: How long it took to get it out. I know with a traditional or self-publishing, it takes time to get the work out and before you even bother to get it out there for others to enjoy, you have to make sure that everything is right. That your ‘T’s’ are crossed and ‘I’s’ are dotted and every little single solitary thing is in its place because if you don’t do that, then people will notice it and they will say things that might end up making you or breaking you.

MIRJ: What is your writing process?

JB: Well for me it’s pretty simple. When I get the idea and I figure out the characters I want in my story, I write out an outline of each character as I see them, from their age, hair color, eye color, their physique ( most of my females are all the same, they are full figured women) and what their occupation is. Then I write a small summary about the characters themselves, their faults and everything. I also do this with my secondary characters, which are mainly friends, family co-workers and enemies.

Once I’ve had all of those things written down and I review everything then the scenario of the characters themselves soon come to play and eventually I start to write it all down. Even without me doing the outline thing, I could just start off a story by just thought of imagination alone.

MIRJ: Tell Readers about the latest book in the Ciprianos of Kellington series.

JB: Well ‘Federico’ is the 4th book in the Ciprianos of Kellington series and I must admit it was probably the most fun to write out of all of the books within the series. This is of course Federico’s story who is the youngest of the Cipriano brothers, a landscaper but also a flirt, a ladies man who despite the fact that his brothers have all but settled down with the women of their dreams, he has yet to find the one that will make his life complete. But that is when he meets Michelle Bordeaux, the daughter of the owner of the French restaurant (for those that remember he had a run in with her in Gianni’s story). The chemistry between Federico and Michelle is not only eye opening but funny as hell. The fact that these two are complete polar opposites along with the fact that Michelle is no push over, she’s nothing like the women that Federico is used to dealing with and this is something that makes the story not only worth reading but funny as well.

Also in the story you will find out more of how Renzo & Jaslyn, Simone & Delia, and what happened with Gianni and Anais and her child, the feisty Saoirse are all doing too.

MIRJ: Where did the idea come from to do this series?

JB: Usually I get my ideas from either pictures I find on Facebook or from topics that I might talk with others about or from my imagination. But the majority of what I’ve written about so far has come from past experiences in my life. Some of which are things that I wish I could have changed and some of which I know that others who read my stories can relate to. I’ve gotten emails from women who have told me that they could so understand how the heroine was because that was them when they were either growing up or how it was for them right now. I tend to write from the heart when I want to tell a story.

MIRJ: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

JB: I have written a total of 14 stories that have been published with two that will soon to be published in November and December of this year, so you can say I’ve written 16 so far with plenty of more to come.

As far as my favorite out of all the ones I’ve written, I have to say that it has to be my 1st book, “If…Only You Knew”. The reason as to why it’s my favorite is because the story itself has special meaning to me even to this day.
Before I had written this story, I had been going through a moment of reflecting on my past and events that had happened when I was in high school. When I was in high school, I really didn’t enjoy it much because of the fact that I was often bullied by my peers, I was picked on mainly because I was the shy overweight girl who even though I had some friends within school that I associated with, which for me were mainly Junior and Senior jocks who only considered me as the ‘pal’, ‘best bud’ and ‘good friend to laugh it up with’ rather than a love interest. I was often picked on because I never spoke up for myself so basically I was a ‘punching bag’ for those that thought it would be fun to mess with me. I would take it and eventually it would take me going to get some help for depression.

MIRJ: What can readers and fans expect from Jamallah Bergman in the near future?

JB: Well right now I am putting out a new series of my own that will be called “The Sweet Treat” series. Book One of the series, who I had the pleasure of putting the handsome Grigoris Drakakis, who was my inspiration for my hero Callion. There will be five books all together in the series, each book dealing with a decadent ‘sweet treat’ that will play a part in the story itself. I really enjoy this story because it’s not only funny but it’s very sinful too, which all of the stories in this series will most definitely put ideas in your head.

I also have another ‘project’ that I will be working on but I won’t say what that is….the only way you will find out is by reading Federico.

You can find out more about Jamallah and her books at the following links below:

Facebook Author Page
My Romance Novel Center Profile


Jamallah has been generous enough to giveaway an e-copy of her latest book Whipped Cream Dreams! Whoo hoo!!!


To enter, simply leave a comment, and we will select a winner on Friday, November 28th! No purchase is necessary. Simply leave a comment, and the winner will be chosen via random.org. Good luck, and thank you Jamallah!


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