Monday Musing: Blogging Ain’t Easy


For those of us just starting out, it’s a labor of love, and quite frankly, an unpaid part-time job when you are serious about your game as am I and a few of my other blogger friends. I don’t do this to endear myself to any author or writer. Between creating posts, writing reviews, conducting interviews, participating in blog hops and online release parties, I do it all because I fucking love books, and I love to share my experiences with you either through the books I’ve read or through the authors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with. But I wanna speak frankly (because I really don’t know any other way sometimes): Bloggers get NO love-unless somebody gotta new book coming out. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a shade. I am more than hip to the game.  I am merely stating a personal observation. There are a few faithful authors who do actually read my blog regularly and like and/or comment on my posts here and on my Facebook page (and I love y’all to death!), but there are also some who use me as a stepping stone to get exposure for themselves or their new book. Most times I don’t mind because it gives me content and something to talk about, but then there are those authors who want me to post stuff on my Facebook page or shout them out but don’t reciprocate in kind. That ain’t right! I think the author/blogger relationship is a symbiotic one. We gotta work together. I’m not asking for a free book, but when I tag you in my post, link to your new release, or just show you some love, a simple thank you goes a long way.




8 thoughts on “Monday Musing: Blogging Ain’t Easy

  1. You’re absolutely right – a little appreciation goes a long way. I think in general this is a very self-serving industry, but I believe building real, lasting relationships with readers/bloggers/authors (without having ulterior motives) will takes us ALL further in the long run anyway. My take on it is this: when someone does something out of the goodness of their heart, I’m grateful and reciprocate first chance I get. We’ve all felt used before and it’s not a good feeling. The worst is when the person thinks you don’t realize what they’re doing, and they think they’re getting over on you. I prefer for people to be real and to be consistent. Don’t be cool with me when you stand to gain something, you know? Good post, though! Keep on keeping it real 🙂

  2. I agree. It’s a simple act of appreciation. And let’s be honest it’s free exposure. Bloggers don’t owe authors anything and vice versa but when you act like you are entitled I just leave you alone. Because at the end of the day I review/blog because I love too not for validation or likes.

  3. Sigh. I can’t.

    Without bloggers, indie authors man… we wouldn’t have a following. Bloggers get the word out BIG TIME.

  4. Well … but you’ve hit on a very good topic and that is the one about being genuine. As an author I am aware of the thankless and much-needed job bloggers will always play in my author journey. What I’ve tried to do is those bloggers whom I’ve worked with I try to send a PM or a comment on their blog sites or Facebook pages every now and again, just as a way to help uplift their spirits. Thank you for what you do 🙂

  5. I love this post! I blog about music, at first I’m bombarded with emails and when i finally post something I get NO RESPONSE! But the artist who say thank you, reminds me that my free work was appreciated. Its the small things.

  6. i’ve been remiss in stating my appreciation of you and others who keep multicultural books out there. just want you to know that you’re doing good work.

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