Monday Musings: I Do Not Subscribe To This Philosphy



Lemme tell you something: I totally judge a book by it’s cover. I mean, after all, it is the first thing you see before clicking or adding to your shopping cart. I’m a visual person. The cover needs to be both appealing and inviting. I will bypass a book so quickly if the cover looks photocopied or pieced together. Yes, I’m being unfair, but it’s my way. Those plain covers irk me too. You know, the ones with just the title and author or a photo of the sky or the ocean….At least give me something related to the storyline. And oh…do not get me started on the darkening of white cover models to make them appear to be a person of color. I know how difficult it is to find quality photos of IR couples for book covers, and we’re tired of seeing the same ones being used (I probably own at least 5 books with the same cover), but if you have to resort to virtual blackface to get the cover you want, then I will not buy your book based on principle.

Now, I do have exceptions, and her name is Mallory Monroe. She’s one of my favorite authors, and she writes these incredible, over the top interracial romances, but her covers suck ass! Almost every last one of them. Girlfriend gives no fucks. She will take a cover stock photo and plaster her name and title all over it, and that joint will sell like hotcakes lmao! But her books are so freaking addicting that I one-click regardless. Girl, you need to holla at Taria Reed for the hookup!

Here’s a creepy cover for you. Somebody call the authorities…


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I Do Not Subscribe To This Philosphy

  1. Okay, that cover is just wrong on SO many levels!!! Aside from that though, I completely agree about covers. Being an avid reader and author I understand both sides. I absolutely positively judged every book I read by the covers…unless it was by an author I already knew was amazing. But being an author with no publishing house backing me and paying for covers, I understand how hard it is. And for me it’s doubly tough because all my female characters are also plus-size. And there really aren’t any IR couple stock photos with girls with meat on their bones! Ugh! Though, I was lucky enough to find an artist that doesn’t charge me an outrageous about of money to do mine, it still hurts the pocket. But covers are nearly as important as the content of the novel, because if the cover sucks who’s gonna buy it in the first place to even see if the story is any good?

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