Upcoming Book Chats and Release Parties


Book chats and Release Parties are fun. You get to interact with your favorite author, pick their brains,win some prizes, and get all up in their business lol. Here is a list of a few upcoming Facebook chats that you may want to check out. Hope to see you there, and stay tuned for this regular feature!

10891926_312910492251292_7860160879490258318_nLaShawn Vasser’s The Stranger Next To Me: January 11th

10888765_989359101078445_3613970227262498020_nAncelli’s Romance Club’s Book Chat With Perri Forrest: January 14th

Wicked Angel Release Party10408097_1552719964966924_8960252179683348977_n with Author SC Edward

10422556_1518190015108016_4905605577971173033_nAllyn Lesley’s Deeper Release Party: January 24th

10882285_989358821078473_7233425990346743241_nAncelli’s Romance Club’s Book Chat With S.K. Lessly: January 28th


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