Tuesday With: Tiffany Monique!

MoniqueWelcome to our first author interview of 2015, and it is my pleasure to introduce you all to new author Tiffany Monique who graced us with her 2014 debut Audra’s Sin, the follow up (not a sequel) Jordan’s Deliverance, and my personal fave, A Thigh High Christmas. And now without further ado, I present Tiffany Monique!

Musings Of An IR Romance Junkie: First question I ask of all my interviews is why IR romance?

Tiffany Monique: First let me say I had no idea IR was an actual genre until a few years ago. I was just a romance junkie, period. Johanna Lindsey, Judith Krantz, Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught (apparently I stayed in the J’s as a teen – lol). My real romantic life has always been a mix of cultures, leaning towards Caucasian men because, honestly, that was my social environment growing up.

Musing: I was a huge Danielle Steele and Julie Garwood fan in my teens!

MIRJ: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

TM: I first realized I could write around the 5th or 6th grade. I won a playwright competition. But the desire to do this as a paying gig, last year, when I realized black women were in the market for what I had to give. I’d found my people, per se…

Musing: I did not discover black women in romantic fiction til the early 2000’s (How sad is that?) I had no idea that there were actual romance stories written by and about black women, and I’ve been hooked ever since…

MIRJ: Describe your writing style.

TM: I would say I am descriptive and wordy, naturally. I do a lot of slash and burn during edits. I find emotional descriptions capture me as both a reader and a writer. The visual of a lush, burgundy Aubusson rug need not be as detailed as the emotional turmoil of an assault victim, a scorned lover or a jealous husband. I also am a firm believer in the fairy tale. The rise of heroine/hero is what attaches the reader to them and holds them through the turmoil until they get to the love scene, declaration of affection or HEA. That is all part and parcel of the fairytale.

MIRJ: Do you have a basic concept in mind then research and outline, or do you write from the hip then go back and edit, edit, edit…

TM: I’ve published two books so far* and Audra’s Sin was a direct extension of my life; what I am most comfortable with. As Jo March was told in Little Women, “Write about what you know”? Almost every character in there has a real life match, somewhere north of the Mason Dixon line.

Jordan’s Deliverance was a matter of research. For Jordan, first, to be a good foil to Riordan’s playfulness and sense of honor and secondly a balanced friendship match for Audra. Jordan has had little more bite and cynicism early on in life, so that came out in her character and back story.
*This interview was conducted prior to the publication of A Thigh High Christmas in December.

MIRJ: How long, on average, does it take you to write a book?

TM: Since I’m so new to the game I have no average (lol). Audra’s Sin took 6 months and Jordan’s Deliverance took 6 weeks. Ask me again next year when the series is complete and I’ll have better answer for you.

MIRJ: What inspired you to write Audra’s Sin?

TM: I was reading several great I/R authors at the time. Jayha and Jeanie, Sienna Mynx, Latrivia Nelson, Marilyn Lee to name a few and had just moved to New Orleans, LA. I was in between jobs and learning my way around an extremely sexy, tactile city that is romantic for no good reason other than it’s a darn good idea and I had an epiphany. All of the scenes that kept rolling around in my mind could be put on paper and there was a market for them… women that looked like me and men that looked like what I fantasized about. I had the free time. Why not find a few ladies I trust and get opinions on how I write? Ask questions about the business. What would the process entail? And that’s what I did. I formed a very tight, trusted, circle of friends and they are my friends to this day actually.

MIRJ: Do you self-publish or are you affiliated with a publishing house?

TM: Both books are published by Shara Azod LLC. They are available for purchase there and on Amazon.

MIRJ:  How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

TM: As I mentioned before, I am relatively new to the professional writing game so my evolution is only beginning. I think I will naturally pick up better writing tools, tricks and resources as I continue to engage other fans and authors. I think the key is to be open, ask questions and get out there and live life so you have something to bring back with you to put on the page.

MIRJ: Who’s your dream cast for Audra, Michael, Jordan, and Riordan?

Musing: Audra and Michael are from Audra’s Sin, and Jordan and Riordan are from Jordan’s Deliverance. Both couples overlap in some capacity in both narratives.

TM: My dream cast:

Audra – Jill Scott
Michael – Michael Fassbender
Jordan – Aesthetically I’m not sure if this actress exists. She would have to be an unkown.
Riordan – Chris Hemsworth

Musing: I’m feeling Jill and Michael….Oooh weeee!

Audra's Sin

MIRJ: What are you currently working on, and what can readers expect from you in 2015?

TM: Right now I’m working the final two books in the Audra’s Sin series:

Alexi Bepa’s (Harvard Professor) and Dr. Annabelle Winston (Spring 2015)

Flynn Firinne (NYC Nightlife King) and TBA (Summer 2015)

Once Upon a Fog – (Fall 2015). This will be my first paranormal. I’m all excited to delve into the lives of sassy witches and alpha vamps.

There is a Matchmaker series that some amazing authors and I have been tossing around: Laurel Cremant, Gynger Fyer and Lena Hampton. Yes Ladies, I’ve put you on all kinds of blast. Now we must FOCUS! Lol!

And finally, I have another series that I’m hashing out for myself that puts a very interesting and sexy spin on the modeling industry: love, sex, glitz, glam and how to wear your Spanxx and cinchers correctly 😀

Next year will writing busy for me. For SURE!

Musing: WOW!!!! I can’t wait!

Thank you so much Tiffany for your time and your insight! I love these author interviews because they give you a totally new perspective on the books you’ve read and loved. I’m also nosy as hell so that doesn’t hurt either 😉

Tiffany Monique is New England native with a southern heart. Presently residing in New Orleans she has been writing romance since the her pre-teen years and has now decided to open the doors to her imagination for the rest of the world. As a classically trained vocalist, movie-buff, traveller and foodie she lives in the perfect city (in her unabashedly biased opinion) to explore all of her vices, both good and bad. Please, enjoy, read and review her books (Amazon and SharaAzod.com) and drop a line to say hello via Facebook, Twitter or her blog, The Heiress of Eros.
Promise to My Dearest Reader,

 I’ve always taken the advice given to Jo March in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott very seriously. Write about what you know. I will always endeavor to give you authenticity in all of my prose. Research is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a writer. A conversation here, a trip to a location there, it all makes for a well-rounded story to you.

Not to say that I won’t embellish, take some artistic license or put my own unique spin on my stories, as they are my stories, but a grain of universal truth will always be present. That is what I hope speaks to your heart, mind and most importantly your soul. From never judge a book by its cover to what happens in the dark always comes out in the light there are certain invaluable lessons that are universal. One invaluable truth will be always be present in each of my books; with a little sacrifice, some perseverance and bucket load of laughter, love conquers all.

Whether I transport your imagination to another city, another country or another world; leave it to The Heiress of Eros to lay the life-jewels of love and passion at your feet. Let’s take a journey together, with a side of diamonds…

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook at AuthorTiffanyMonique! I love to hear from readers!





3 thoughts on “Tuesday With: Tiffany Monique!

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! Huge fan of Tiff’s! I’ve read all her books and LOVED them. Jill and Fassbender? Good grief, I wish there was some kind of porn out there to capture this fierce combination LOL!

      1. I’m totally rereading it just so I can plant mental images. I love knowing authors muses, it helps me envision the characters as I read.

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