Thursday Thought: Authors, Lemme Holla At Ya…

Thursday Thoughts

Cause sometimes I have shit on my mind that just can’t wait til Monday Musings…

Today’s thought is about beta readers, and I’m addressing this specifically to any author who is willing to answer truthfully. My thought question is this: Why do authors solicit other authors as their beta readers? And I ask this because I see it a lot, and I’m just a naturally nosy curious person.

  1. Is it because authors can relate better to each other because of the kindred writing thing? Or…
  2. Can other authors pick up on little nuances that a non-writer may not initially get? Or…
  3. Are they simply more reliable in pointing out errors, inconsistencies etc than a reader with no writing experience?

 See, the paranoid broad in me would be like oh hell nah, I ain’t giving this heffa (friend or not) my book to read because,

  1. She (or he) may be out to sabotage me by giving me some fucked up advice. Or…
  2. They may steal my ideas and plagiarize my shit then they will catch these hands…

So, authors, what’s the deal? I’d think you’d want to get a couple of reliable, well-read readers (like me and Coco Fierce) who will keep it real with you, but hey…


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thought: Authors, Lemme Holla At Ya…

  1. I have authors and readers as beta-readers. I know that, from my trusted author-readers, I’m likely to get more critical notes about structure, style, plot holes, etc. From my trusted reader…uh…readers, lol, I’ll get more about the flow of the storyline(s) and what they did or didn’t like about a character or situation. Of course, there is some crossover but that is the general idea. The operative word here is “trusted.” I don’t give my babies to anyone I don’t trust, so I’m not worried about plagiarism or sabotage. And while I take every comment and criticism into account, it doesn’t mean that I am going to act on it. =)

    1. Ah ha… That makes sense to me, but I personally couldn’t do it lol. I’d have to stick with some trusted readers only, but I do appreciate your thoughts on it.

  2. I’ve never heard of such a thing, this is news to me! It’s great to offer ARC copies of a finished product to authors for review. As long as you select authors you know will give you an honest review without any filter, it’s wonderful but to have an author as a beta reader? Ummm, okay… lol if it helps their creative process I guess. o.O

  3. First I love the picture above. Second great questions. Hopefully we will get some honest responses because I wonder about this phenomenon as well. It doesn’t make good business sense.

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