Thursday Thoughts: Why?

Thursday ThoughtsCause sometimes I have some shit on my mind that can’t wait til Monday Musings…

This week’s thoughts have been brewing in my mind for a minute, and they aren’t directed toward anyone specifically LIES, but merely a reflection of some things that bother me and keep me tossin and turnin at night.

 1.       I HATE am disillusioned when an author tags their book as IR only for the main character(s) who are the IR couple not to end up together at the end. I’m not talking about the stories where they end up in a different interracial relationship, but the ones where the man or woman (where one or both of them are the lead) is in an existing IR relationship, but some shit goes down, and they meet and fall in love with another person who happens to be their race. I don’t read IR for this trickery! I want my HEA to be for an IR couple because that’s what I paid for (or at least I thought). I won’t lie: I always skip to the end of the book first to see how it ends, then go back to the beginning, and if I don’t get my (notice I said my) HEA, it’s the Kindle graveyard. I have been burned more than a hooker at the point to fall for the okey doke… CocoFierce, you know what I’m talking ‘bout!


2.       Books that are labeled as “Part II” but have nothing to do with the first book or is not a continuation of the first book. The main characters are totally different and may feature the main characters from Book 1 in a supporting role, but they essentially have nothing to do with the new story. A fair warning would be nice. I read a book about 2 years ago that I absolutely loved. It ended on a major cliffhanger, and when the author was asked by more than one reader if she planned to do a sequel or a follow-up, she was very coy, non-committal, and frankly unbothered. Her response was something along the lines of “You never know…” Now what kind of shit is that?! Seventy-five percent of the book was about the struggle of this couple becoming a couple only for them to finally get together, then break up over some bullshit which is how it ended, but then you leave your audience hanging? Yeah, ok…By the way, she released Book 2 last year which got everybody hyped only for us to discover that it wasn’t a sequel but a new story featuring a new couple. The couple from Book 1 just played the background because the 2 women were friends. The woman in Book 2 played the background in book 1, so this book was her turn I guess. Woulda been nice to know this was the goal when you promote your work as ABC, Book 2! It wasn’t like okay, I’ve created a series that will feature a bunch of stand alones where all the characters are connected in some way. This was like the author wrote a book. It got really popular (FYI, this author doesn’t traditionally write IR) because of word of mouth and great reviews, so she decided to do a follow up on the friend. That, I have absolutely no issue with, but I’m pissed because we never got closure from the first book! Just tidbits and had to sorta piece together the rest.

As you can see from this rambling rant, I’m feeling some kinda way lol…Til next week.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Why?

  1. Let’s all rant, shall we? If a book has a cliffhanger – PUT THAT IN YOUR BLURB! Readers should know upfront what they are buying into. Nothing pisses me off more than to be deep into a book at the 75-80% mark – and it just ends! No warning, resolution…nothing. The rest of the book is filler – chapter one of another book from another series, a list of the author’s other works, blah, blah, blah. I call BS! Insult is added to injury when it takes SIX MONTHS for book 2 to appear – with the same H/h, but a new story and almost no reference to anything in book 1. If the book has a cliffhanger, disclose it, and “some” idea of when the next book will be published would be nice.These are the types of things that make me cross an author off my list permanently.

      1. I have no problem with authors putting their stories out there in the most creative way they can. Some folks LOVE cliffhangers – I’m not one of those folks. I like “options”. A heads up on what’s to come in the blurb would be cool. To me, anything else is deceptive, sneaky, wrong! Okay, I’m gone…again. *Runs out the room!*

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