I Love Pinterest Boards!

imagesPinterest is my brains on drugs…

It is also my latest obsession. I love when an author shares their vision of their work with their readers. This not only includes the characters, but locales. Fill my head with these images! Give me some perspective! Enlighten me! But…sometimes their vision of a character is completely different from mine and I’m like WHOAAAAAA…But that’s the glory of it. There is no right or wrong. Just different. With that being said, here are a few boards that I love. Check them out and give the author a follow while you’re at it 😉


 Xio Axelrod on Pinterest 2015-01-25 17-59-49Raven St. Pierre on Pinterest 2015-01-25 17-43-48Patrice Michelle on Pinterest 2015-01-25 17-50-34Olivia Linden on Pinterest 2015-01-25 17-47-35

Lolah Lace on Pinterest 2015-01-25 17-42-43Kim Golden on Pinterest 2015-01-25 17-53-49


2 thoughts on “I Love Pinterest Boards!

  1. Oh wow, I’m glad you like the storyboard for ‘Reverse’. It’s something that I am working on for later this year or early 2016. Pinterest is awesome, especially for research. Some boards I keep private, just to protect a story idea. Others are just for fun. =)

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