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You know, sometimes my honesty comes back to bite me in the ass, and I almost missed out on a wonderful opportunity to spotlight and review this book by author Michelle N. Onuorah. Luckily for me, she still allowed me to introduce her latest book to you. This is a sweet and tender romance and definitely worth a read if you’re looking for a beautifully written piece of fiction.

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New Releases!


It must be Friday cause duh…just kidding. This week’s new releases is an eclectic blend of some familiar names and some newbies. I think every author deserves a lil shine. I don’t run popularity contests or only seek familiar authors. That is sooooo boring. So enough with the blah, blah, blah…Check out this week’s new releases!

At Last by Camille Leon*^

Desired: Loving An Alpha Male by SK Lessly*^

Divided Heart by LaQuette*

Love Like This 2 by Stephanie James*^

A Menu For Loving by Olivia Gaines

Sal Gabrini 5 by Mallory Monroe

Soul Mates by Marie Rochelle

That’s A Wrap by Bettye Griffin

Tripp In Love by Tressie Lockwood

What Only The Heart Can See by C. Barry Denham


*Books I’ve actually read

^Available on Kindle Unlimited





Thursday Thoughts: Are Authors Obligated To Engage With Their Fans?

Thursday Thoughts

So, Cocoa Fierce and I were chatting it up the other day as we always do, and one of the things we talked about was authors and their fans-specifically authors who do not interact with their fans on social media. Part of me feels like if I’m spending my money on your product, then you should at least acknowledge your fans in some way. But the other part of me is like, whatever, as long as you produce a great story consistently, then handle ya bidness…

I know social media can be a vicious cesspool of drama, but it’s also a wonderful way to connect and interact with your fans. I fangirl hard when I find an author whose book I’ve read and enjoyed has a Facebook page or twitter account. I jump right on it. The fans just want to feel that closeness because y’all are our rock stars whether you believe it or not. Your books touch us in unimaginable ways, and we just want a little piece of your time and appreciation. That is all…


Series Spotlight: Love To Loathe by Phoenix Rayne

FotorCreatedIf you’ve never heard of author Phoenix Rayne nor read one of her books, you are cheating yourself out of what I call a WHOOOOAAA experience. I call it that because this is one of THE wildest series I’ve ever read.  It’s part romance. Part mystery. Part dark eroticism. With a whole lot of whooooaaa sprinkled in between.

Get to know Jyme (like Jimmy) and Cricket. Their story is very unconventional, but the love they feel for one another is undeniable. All of these books are available on Kindle Unlimited.

10901368_1717730261786713_1566114921_oBook 1: Heels of Love

10965541_1717730291786710_1288287957_nBook 2: Wounded Love

10948025_1717730265120046_1350265221_oBook 3: The Enclave of Jyme

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Cover Reveal: Closer by Kaia Bennett!

CLOSER cover

by: Kaia Bennett
Loose Ends #2
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
Also in this series: #1 Crush
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Interracial, Romance

CLOSER full cover


After a whirlwind week of hot sex and growing affection, Nicole and Gabriel were forced to part ways and to return to real life. For a while they danced around each other, meeting up when they could, the distance between them rivaled only by their desire to be together again.

Now these lovers are no longer star-crossed. They’re in the same city at the same time and can finally indulge their insatiable passion. At least until Gabriel’s increasingly popular band goes on tour.

But the ticking clock of his budding music career isn’t the only obstacle to contend with. A blast from Gabriel’s wild past, a guy that kept Nicole warm in Gabriel’s absence, and fear of what the future holds all converge just as they’ve begun to realize this might be love…

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Closer Teaser

Also in the Loose Ends series…

#1 Crush

#1 Crush
by: Kaia Bennett
Loose Ends #1
Publication Date: December 1, 2014
Also in this series: #1 Crush, Closer
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance


Nicole Langley’s #1 Crush has always been Gabriel Roberts, but settling for being a friendly acquaintance has had to be enough.

Gabriel has always seen Nicole as his good friend’s very pretty, but extremely off limits baby sister.

Then a hot summer day and an even hotter discovery pushes them over the lines of friendship, over the lines of unrequited desire, and into each other’s arms.

Will they indulge and move on? Or will this crush turn into something more, something deeper? Something that leaves loose ends begging to be tied…

**#1 Crush is Book One in the Loose Ends series. Each book is a full novel and the series will conclude with Book Three**

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About the Author

Kaia BennettKaia Bennett is a native of New Jersey, a college graduate and U.S. Army veteran who loves music, movies, astrology, tattoos, martial arts, animals and, of course, the written word. She heard the siren call of the writer as a teenage girl, but took her sweet time answering it until she had lived and loved enough to share her work with the masses.She is an erotic author who loves to write stories with diversity, depth, realism and viscerally hot encounters that flirt shamelessly with the taboo. A lover of all genres and a voracious reader, she aims to write stories that are transformative for her characters and readers alike.

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New Releases!


I swear this week’s new releases boasts some of the most gorgeous covers EVER!!! Look at these beautiful, black women…I am squealing! Okay, let’s get to it:

Distractions by Bianca Dean!

Now for y’all who don’t know, Bianca Dean is one to watch! Ol’ girl writes some sizzling erotica! Peep her latest and greatest, Distractions!

Distractions Tour Banner


by Bianca Dean

Distractions #1

Publication Date: January 27, 2015

Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Purchase from Amazon

Distractions Cover


Red has been trying to move on with her life. She really has. Her first real relationship ended in disaster and she can’t muster the energy to leave the house. Her brother Brenden and their best friend, Gavin, are sick of it. Guilting her into a night out, Red reluctantly agrees only to see her ex having the time of his life with another girl. Small town living would have it no other way. On the verge of a full blown panic attack, Gavin steps in to provide Red the distraction she needs to forget all about her ex. But as things quickly spiral out of control, will Red be able to keep her feelings for her best friend a secret in order to save their friendship?






*This book contains sexual situations and explicit language. This is Book 1 of the

Distractions Series.

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About the Author

Bianca Dean

Bianca Dean, author of Quarterback Sneak and Wanna Play? is a native of New Jersey now living in NYC. Working on her PhD, Bianca loves good food, great movies and stimulating conversation. She’s a huge sports fan, and can be found, during the appropriate season, screaming at the television, beer in hand, trying to make people that can’t hear her run faster. In the off-season she can be spotted walking her dog or grabbing dinner with friends.

Connect With Bianca:

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Spotlight on Queens of Kings Series By Author LaQuette

Warning: This post contains content not suitable for those under the age of 18 and is NSFW.


Sometimes you meet an author and they’re just so damn nice and friendly that you just want to hug them through your computer screen. I’ve met some authors who are some real beotches, but LaQuette (just LaQuette) is not one of them. She burst onto the IR scene last fall with her breakaway hit Heart of the Matter, and everybody was seriously asking “Who is this chick, and when is the next book dropping?” Well, behold! It is here (well almost, lol). Check out this delicious teaser, and if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Heart of the Matter. It’s Book 1 in the Queens of Kings series, and you definitely want to read that one before diving into Divided Heart.

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Monday Musings: Do You Want A Beta Reader or An Ass Kisser?


And I ask this question sincerely because I take this responsibility very seriously. Unlike some readers/bloggers/fans, I don’t volunteer or agree to beta read for the free book. I do it because not only am I genuinely curious to see what new fantasy the author has conjured up, but for me personally, it gives me the opportunity to hone in on my editing skills. I am currently enrolled in editing courses, and I am more than proficient in the areas of language (English), spelling, and grammar even though that may be hard to believe if you go back and read some of my posts lol. Trust me, I am. If I spoke “proper” English on this blog all the time, this blog would be boring as hell. I would be bored as hell…

I have been beta reading seriously for about about two years now, and truthfully, it’s been touch and go. Now let’s not get beta reading confused with reading an ARC (advanced read copy) in exchange for an honest review. That book (the ARC) is completed and ready to publish for the most part. When I first started out, I got the two hella confused. I think when I read my first ever ARC, I had some issues with content and grammar and when I contacted the author, she told me Oh, umm, okay, but this book is is about to go to “press”. I wanted to tell her well stop the presses! But then I was like oh shit, she in trouble…

Some authors I’ve beta read for have been very open and receptive to my feedback while others have chosen to ignore it-which is fine. It is your book after all… I even had one author tell me that she felt I was trying to change her vision by all the suggestions I made. I couldn’t decide if I should’ve been offended or amused because she just wasn’t having it. I’m not saying I’m a pro, but some of the same suggestions I made to her were the same ones other readers pointed out in their reviews. I think she ended up pulling that book…

So I conclude with this: Having a professional editor is wonderful if you can afford one, but truthfully, aren’t they mostly checking for mechanics-unless they also happen to be a passionate romance reader as well? Get yourself two or three quality romance novel enthusiasts who’ve read a shitload of books and have reviewed them.  Get some readers who like to talk about how a book makes them feel in addition to the whether they think the characters have chemistry or not, the plot flows, blah, blah, blah… Those are the readers you want on your team because they won’t sugarcoat jack. Don’t just pick all the chicks on your street team or your fangirls who will co-sign any and everything you write regardless. They are not helping you! Would you rather have your team give you constructive criticism before you publish or would you rather get the witch hunt after you publish and everyone trashes your blood, sweat, and tears? I’m just sayin…