Teaser Tuesday: Choosey Lovers


When I saw this title, I couldn’t get the song Choosey Lover by The Isley Brothers outta my head! Jessica Watkins is a self-made publisher and author, and she is always doing big things! Her artists’ book covers are FIYAH!!! Here is a sneak peek of her latest by author Thalia Lake dropping 2/9 (That’s next Tuesday y’all!)


Love often comes when it’s least expected. When you’re Satra Sinclair, you run away from love as fast as you can. You find every excuse in the book for being choosey about who you date, or, in her case, don’t date at all. Being a successful advertising executive working for a top advertising firm in New York, she had the world in the palm of her hand. She had the love of her close-knit family, great friends, but a non-existent love life. Since a recent heartbreak, Satra has carefully erected an iron clad wall around her heart, determined to never have it broken again.Fate and circumstance, however, had other ideas. Her boss’ family emergency leaves her with the task of closing one of the biggest deals her firm was trying to land with one of the most well-known businessmen on the east coast. Little did Satra know that she’d meet the love of her life that day.

Shane Evans is a rich, successful businessman with a secret past that he’d like to forget. Besides work, Shane barely made time for anything else. Love and long term relationships were never a priority to him. After being cheated on by his former girlfriend, he became very jaded about love. Being constantly chased by gold diggers didn’t help either. Becoming more successful and proving to his father that he could make it without the family money was his mission in life…until he met the beautiful Satra Sinclair.

Besides being beautiful, she was smart, career-driven, and single, just like Shane. Forced to work closely together, their attraction to one another is instant. A friendship quickly blossoms, and their attraction grows stronger. Together they uncover a duplicitous plot that could hurt everyone they care about and each other. While trying to stop the evil forces determined to tear their lives apart, will these two lonely, hurt souls take a chance at love and finally choose one another?