Thursday Thoughts: Finding Good IR Romance Is Like Mining For Gold


Thursday ThoughtsCause I got some shit on my mind that just can’t wait til Monday Musings

This week’s thought was inspired by a convo I had last week with a writer/friend of mine whom I can shoot the shit with very honestly and uninhibitedly. The bottom line is this:

I have but one simple request: Tag your books appropriately please!!!

  1. Do not tag your books as romance when there is none. One damn kiss and not a drop of intimacy sex is not romance. That’s just some fiction.
  2. Do not not tag your books as romance when there is no HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happy for now). While your book me be full of romance and bliss, if it doesn’t end on the same note, your readers will eat you alive. Trust me. I’ve seen it.
  3. Do not tag your books IR just because your white heroine’s BFF is a POC, but she doesn’t have a man or her man is the same race as she is. Two female BFFs of a different race don’t make your book IR boo. (Yes, I have seen this mess.)
  4. Do not tag your books IR because one of the main characters is a shape-shifting dragon, but he’s a white man in human form and your heroine is a white woman. That ain’t IR. Girl bye…
  5. Do not take your reader’s intelligence for granted. We’re a lot smarter than you give us credit for, and we do talk amongst ourselves, but I also talk publicly. As you can see…