Monday Musings: When My Feminism Rears Its Sensible Head

img-gloria-steinem_131133481105I love this photo so frickin much…

Am I the only one affected by this? I can’t possibly be…

I am constantly torn when reading some of these romance novels. A part of me yells “Girl, calm ya tits because it’s just fiction and it’s all for the sake of romance and enjoyment…” but my feminist side is screaming even louder “Oh, hell to the naw…This is some bullshit!”

I know romance novels are supposed to be fun, sexy, sometimes over-the-top escapism, but I can’t help but feel some type of way about what I read sometimes. Men who physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse or manipulate women because of their tortured past, sexy stalkers, alpha assholes, etc. are not escapes to me. I get that some women are turned on by this, but not the kid. Do you boo, but I get nervous every now and then when I see stuff like this and wonder what could happen if this work of fiction ends up in the wrong hands-younger people specifically. Now I know I’m possibly reaching with this, but these are things that I think about. I don’t want some 14 year old girl to read a romance novel  and think that this is acceptable behavior because we know many young people, especially immature, pubescent girls, are very impressionable, and when they read the HEA, they think ok, it’s all good after all because the couple worked it out…Or…if I let this boy say or do these things to me, it’s all good because I know it will get better…

I’m not calling out or even claiming that authors need to assume some type of responsibility because that’s not your job. I’m simply speaking on the issues that I grapple with as both a feminist and lover of romance novels…

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: When My Feminism Rears Its Sensible Head

  1. I agree, which is why I don’t write those types of stories where the guy and girl both have questionable behavior. I want to see myself in the heroine and if I wouldn’t do it, I can’t write my character that way. And that picture is all kinds of awesome!

  2. I tend to think like you. Any kind of manipulation or coercion is not romantic to me and I don’t enjoy those books. I like both parties to be consenting equals who are treating with respect. Sure, they can have problems for dramatic tension, but I prefer other ways of dealing with it-not treating the romantic interest poorly; or stalking them; or manipulating their feelings.

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