Divided Heart (Queens of Kings Book 2): A Review

11714_349614268574392_939112569577297786_nIt’s very rare that we read about kick-ass women in contemporary romance/women’s fiction, but when I do come across one, I like to shout it out to the masses! Divided Heart is book 2 of author LaQuette‘s bestselling series Queens of Kings, and it picks right up where book 1 left off.

Our heroine, Heart Searlington (formerly MacKenzie), is now married to her lover billionaire real estate mogul Kenneth Searlington. Heart has been promoted to police Captain which essentially takes her off the gritty streets of NYC and puts her behind the desk (much to her dislike) where she becomes more of a delegator than a hands on cop. The case in this story involves solving murder of a young, female aid of the governor.

While the book 1 focused heavily on Heart the cop with her romance with Kenneth being more of an accompaniment, this book blends the best of both worlds. Admittedly, I was much more interested in Heart’s relationship with her husband than her being supercop (which she does superbly by the way.) Kenneth has truly come into his own with this story. He’s no longer the background to Heart’s foreground, but a man who fiercely loves his woman and will do anything to protect his wife and save his relationship at any cost. Heart and Kenneth’s marriage is greatly tested, and if you’re a fan of the series, you’re on edge wondering whether or not they’ll actually pull through.

LaQuette never disappoints when it comes to the rawrrrr factor. Her romantic interludes are salacious and dreamy. She expertly crafts an action scene in one chapter then flip the script and bring us the love movement in the very next with such ease and effortless transition. Good storytelling along with a balanced blend of drama, action, romance, and conflict always make for an entertaining read.


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