March Madness Spotlight: LaShawn Vasser

Musings Of An IR Romance Junkie & CocoFierce Book Blog Proudly Present:

Spotlight With Author LaShawn Vasser!


Meet The Lady Behind The Pen:

LaShawn Vasser is an author of contemporary romance novels. From a very young age, LaShawn developed a deep love of books and a passion for writing. In 2013, she published her first romance novella entitled Out of Nowhere and has written several best-selling books since. In addition to being a dedicated wife and mother of three, LaShawn enjoys trying new recipes and cooking big family meals with her sisters. These dinners tend to be loud and filled with lots of good crazy – oftentimes the perfect setting for inspiring juicy, new plot ideas. LaShawn’s mantra for life revolves around good food, good wine, good friends and family. That’s the best recipe for a happy life.

The Series That Put Her On The Map: Get to know Jason and Vicky


Other Fabulous Works by LaShawn Vasser:


And her latest…Best-selling:


Connect With LaShawn Vasser:



2 thoughts on “March Madness Spotlight: LaShawn Vasser

  1. First…THANK YOU so much for spotlighting me!! Let me just tell you that I’m still in the “I can’t believe people are reading something I’ve written” bubble. However…I am so HONORED/HUMBLED that out of all the AMAZING authors you read daily that I am now apart of the space they occupy. Thanks again!!

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