Monday Musings: 1-Clickers Unite!


Confession Admission: My TBR is currently at 309. Yes, 3-0-9! I think I have an illness. It’s called 1-clickitous, and I am not claiming responsibility. I literally scour Amazon and/or All Romance ebooks daily looking for new, interesting, and/or free reads to share on this blog and other social media, but I end up clicking! You know what’s so bad about it? I rarely read the sample. If I’ve read the author previously and liked her (or his) work, it’s an insta-click. If the synopsis sounds even remotely interesting, clickety-click. If we’re Facebook friends, CLICKETY-CLACK! I’m just supposed to share! I’m addicted! What did Biggie say? Oh yeah: Never get high on your own supply…

Come to think of it, I don’t have 1-clickitous, I’m a secret hoarder. I’m afraid of running out of books to read. That’s what it is! Ok, I’m lying…Did I mention I’m also a hypochondriac? Til next time…



6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: 1-Clickers Unite!

  1. If you have a problem, then I should be locked away. I used to list my TBR in order. But I stopped that practice…a year ago…at 1104. I now realize I’m a hopeless case. However, I did enter the Goodreads IR Spring Challenge, so that should give me some sense of accomplishment…however small. LOL!

  2. Hi,
    When you guys start the support group, count me in. I’ll not tell what my TBR pile is like. I will blame it on the one click though. Ian addict and I have one clickitis……

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