March Madness: Exclusive Sneak Peek of S&M IV by Vera Roberts!

Warning: This post contains explicit content and is meant for mature audiences 18 years or older, so if you ain’t, then get ta steppin!


I’m an undercover fangirl. Y’all don’t need to know when I thirst over authors and books, but I guess with this post, I just outed myself. S&M (Scott and Mariana-can we talk about this clever play on words?!) by author Vera Roberts was my first ever read about BDSM. I clearly remember finding this book on Amazon trolling for something new to read, and I came across this book for just $.99! It was a short story, but man, I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. Ever since, I have followed this series religiously through the ups and downs, thick and thin of the Scott & Mariana saga. I am rooting for these two to make it, and if you have not read it, please click Book 1 today. Get addicted with me 😉

Now…without further ado, Ms. Roberts has blessed us with this hella hot sneak peek.

fire-starter-th“Stand by the window, baby.” He ordered her and she complied. He forcefully spread open her legs and placed her hands above her on the glass. He stood behind and rubbed His hands up and down her body.

She welcomed the sudden invasion and rested her head against His muscular chest. Oh, Master knew what she needed before she did. Her thighs tingled with delight and her slit became wet with desire. It pained her to not touch and hold Him but she needed to follow direct orders if she wanted her reward.

“There’s a man right across the window from us…you see him?” He quietly asked. His hands moved up to her breasts and played with the stiff rosebuds.

Mariana nodded.  She saw a middle-aged man who was working on a computer and appeared to be the only one on his floor at the moment. “Yes, Sir.”

“He can see us just like we can see him.” Sir’s fingers traveled down to her sex and He began to play with her swollen nub. Her body naturally responded and moved with the motion of Sir’s fingers. “Does pet want Me to fuck her in front of him?” He breathed into her ear.

She feverishly nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl,” He purred. He unzipped His slacks, freeing His stiff cock. He sat back in His chair and sat Mariana on top of His cock. He swiftly entered her and her body stilled, adjusting to His size. He eased her body up and down on His shaft. “Your pussy is so sweet, hot and tight. Is it just for Me?”

“Mmm…yes, Sir.” She nodded as she moved on Him.

“Say it.” He ordered.

“This girl’s pussy is just for her Master.” She moaned as Sir guided her to ride Him faster.

Sir leaned her back against Him and captured her lips with His. Their tongues intertwined as He fingered her yet again. He trailed His wet fingers and circled her nipples with her moisture before bringing a finger to her mouth. “Suck it like it’s My cock.” He directed.

Mariana twirled her tongue around Sir’s finger as she continued to ride Him, tasting her essence. Sir’s moans in her ear made her even more aroused than before and a fire formed in the pit of her belly.

“Is our friend watching?” 

Wait?! That’s it???? I’m all hot and bothered just posting this lol! S&M IV is coming to an e-tailer near you really soon-as in this book is currently in the final editing process. Connect with author Vera Roberts or like us on Facebook because you know we’ll be posting when S&M IV drops! Thank you Vera for this very hot teaser!


And…Don’t forget to check out the entire series because you will need a change of undies 😉




5 thoughts on “March Madness: Exclusive Sneak Peek of S&M IV by Vera Roberts!

  1. I should not have read this at work…oh lawd, my panties. Off to buy…damn, thats hawt. Ya’ll aint right, lols.

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