March Madness: Spotlight on The Battaglia Mafia Series by Sienna Mynx

Note: This post contains explicit content not suitable for persons under the age of 18. Also the graphics represented are fan-created (moi) and are not works of the author’s. They should not be shared or used for marketing purposes.

Battaglia I

You cannot call yourself a fan of interracial romance novels and never heard of Sienna Mynx. She is a legend in the genre and was one of the first authors I read before I got deep in these streets…I own every, single Sienna Mynx novel (I got the receipts), and I have my personal faves, but The Battaglia Mafia Series is as legendary as the writer herself. Talk about an epic series! Before we jump in, let’s meet the author!


Sienna Mynx was born in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. She began writing at the early age of eight. The oldest of two children with a schoolteacher for a mother, she was taught the power of words and found countless adventures between the pages of a book. While other children her age shared an interest in music, sports, or even Girl Scouts, Sienna’s interests never varied. Reading was her passion.

By the age of 13, she created a private collection of drawings and shot stories based on heroines she could identify with, but who lived in imaginative worlds far removed from her suburban upbringing. She’d share them with anyone who cared to read.
As a woman she adapted to the changes in her life by journaling and continuing to exploring her writing. Also an avid reader of romantic fiction and lover of television soap operas, Sienna adapted two distinct writing personae: T.A. Ford who is now a published author of sensual romance, and Sienna Mynx who explores the darker side of romance across genres. Currently, Sienna has published over thirty multicultural romances in all.

Sienna lives in southern Georgia and is the proud aunt of three. She is employed as an IT Professional for a technology company, and enjoys traveling, writing, and blogging.

Now on to the Battaglias!

Guess what? Book 5, Amore, is coming this Sunday (3/16)!

Amore_1400x2100I love how the sheets represent the colors of the Italian flag!

Introducing the Don and Donna Battaglia:

Gio B II

Mira B.

Teaser ICan you say schmokin?!

Connect with author Sienna Mynx to stay updated on the Battaglia series as well as her other outstanding literary works. My 1-click addiction just got worse…




Battaglia Fan Page





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