March Madness: Spotlight on Digital Artist Taria Reed!

Taria Reed I

Y’all know I run deep in these streets with my authors, and the general consensus among those who write romance about black women is the lack of diversity when it comes to designing and choosing the cover art for their books. This is one of my biggest pet peeves because when I’m reading a romance featuring a black woman, I do not want to see a white woman on the cover. And even worse, a white woman whose skin has been obviously darkened to make her appear black. I get it. The pickings are slim, and the industry has to do better, but Taria Reed is here! She’s always been here, and she is the m’effin business! I’m sure some of your favorite books feature a Taria Reed cover, and you didn’t even realize but who reads the credits right? And if you didn’t know, now you know!

Two things about Taria’s covers that really stand out: One, she uses real models in real time, meaning they are actually posing together, and two, she uses a technique called photo manipulation to create these almost animated images. They look like miniature paintings right? I could get lost in her covers because they are so freaking gorgeous!

Let’s Meet Taria Reed!

601013_10200497429827152_1286130948_nHow freaking gorgeous is she???

My name is Taria (Maria with a T) Reed. I’m a trained photographer specializing in children and family portraits.

In early 2011 I felt the need to expand creatively. I started photographing adults for stock websites. In my mind I was shooting for book covers. I’m a romance audio book junkie so I love looking at all the beautiful covers. I’ve always used photoshop to edit my portraits but I wanted to go further. I started devouring any and all artistic tutorials. I would practice for hours and turn photos into covers or art. I was approached by a few self published authors who asked me to create covers for their e-books and I jumped at the opportunities to learn even more.

Being a photographer professionally I quickly married my love of photography and my growing love for cover design. I became known for shooting my own images for my covers. In August 2013 I opened up my own stock house called “The Reed Files”. It’s been a wild ride but I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else for a living.
Taria Reed II
Taria has this awesome online “look book” that I have bookmarked and visit frequently. I am a true fan because her work is freaking phenomenal. Please take a look and get lost…Peep a few of these before and afters to see just how magical her skills are. The photos are hot, but once she puts the Taria Reed whodoo on it, maaaannnn….
Notice how hair length, color, and or texture can be enhanced or even changed.
And I must note that Taria’s work is not restricted to IR romance. Being an IR blogger, I, of course chose to feature her IR work, but she literally does everything and is an all-inclusive digital artist-including m/m covers. If you’re looking for some quality cover art, please consider Taria A. Reed. She is more than worth the investment. Right Harper Miller? Teehee…
Connect with Taria Reed:

6 thoughts on “March Madness: Spotlight on Digital Artist Taria Reed!

  1. LOL that’s exactly right!

    She’s a wonderful woman and a great friend who does awesome work. 😀

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