Cover Reveal: Fear II by Author Amarie Avant!

Ya know, on my social media travels, I meet some genuinely nice authors, and we just click on some level or another. Amarie Avant is no exception. She’s a new writer on the scene, and her debut novel Fear has been buzzing in the IR circles for a minute. It’s been in my TBR forever, and now I have an incentive to bump it up because Fear II is soon near! So without further ado, I give you…



Luxury’s only desire is to love Victor, a man that cannot love her. In the beginning, she feared him. Mysterious and dark, Victor’s cerulean eyes hypnotize Luxury’s mind and command the drumming of her heart.   Now the Duke of Arlington owns her. Victor will keep Lux to the dismay of Her Majesty, The Queen.
As the palace echos with footsteps, the English dare to whisper the horrid truths.
Suspense crescendos along with the intoxication of sex.
The beast has made it clear who she belongs to and how much of him he will allow: Money. Sex. Nothing more.
The stakes are high. Now fear… love.

Meet The Author:

71emtjLcqRL._UX250_Amarie Avant

  • Mother of two. Wife of one alpha. And alpha to his alpha.
  • Lover of thrills and enticingly sexy chills.
  • Azusa Pacific University alumni where God comes first. This dyslexic and highly attention deficit author has received two Bachelors and a Masters in Counseling.
  • Though sociopaths are very interesting, and coupon shopping is just as thrilling as action or cartoon movies, Amarie Avant has taken on romance.

Beware anytime you open an Amarie Avant novel: This is not your ordinary love story…


FEAR IImediakit-page-0

Connect with Amarie Avant:







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