Monday Musings: Hypocricize Much?


Yeah, I made that word up because I see a lot of hypocrisy going on amongst romance readers and fans, and I’m like…

Go on wit dat bullshit

Example 1:

“I do not read stories about infidelity. Nope. That man/woman is the scum of the earth.”

On the flip side:

“Ooh, I just love dark romances! I love a troubled man who chokes his woman out, rapes has forced sex with her, then proclaims his love. He had a rough childhood so I forgive him.”


bye felicia

Example 2:

“I don’t write reviews.”

On the flipside:

In all the groups talking bout “Ooh this book was so good” or “This book was terrible. Please don’t waste your money”…



Example 3:

“I don’t read books by new authors because I’ve been burned too many times.”

On the flipside:

Fangirls over sub par book by a veteran author because hey, that’s their fave or…

Complains that there aren’t any good books out…



I know I ain’t the only one who sees mess like this…

13 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Hypocricize Much?

  1. right on. One writer I know was at a book sale once at BAMe. She was selling a book with a hot cover. A woman walked up, picked up the book & sniffed, “I don’t read books like THESE.” Then she bought one from another woman (they were in same writer group) sitting right next to her. After the woman left the woman laughed. The book she purchased was more scandalous than the one with the ‘hot’ cover.

  2. You hit the nail on the head, sweetie. How many times have I had IR readers criticize me for writing about infidelity, but then they’ll read a dark romance that features rape (which I think is worse than infidelity) and then justify it by saying “but they fell in love”… This is not “General Hospital”… I sincerely doubt most women fall in love with men who rape them.

  3. Oh, my goodness you better tell the truth and shame the devil! This is the funniest (but truthful) post that I have seen in a while! Thanks for the chuckle!

  4. Lols…I stopped doing that, didn’t want no one throwing shade at me, lols. Ah, girl..this post is everything. Dont know how folks I see say they dont read books with cheating in it, then go read a dark romance…too much.

  5. Girrrllllll,

    It is so true. New does not mean unskilled. Veteran does not automatically equate to gold. Case by case, that’s what books should be judged on.

    As always, you’re speaking truth, and cracking me up at the same time.

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