Another Exclusive Sneak Peek Of S&M IV by Vera Roberts

Warning: This post contains explicit content and is meant for mature audiences 18 years or older, so if you ain’t, then get ta steppin!


Ms. Roberts has blessed us with another hella hot sneak peek.


“Um…” Mariana wanted to press the issue but Scott made the decision for her. “…I wanted to say thank you for the very generous graduation gift. It was completely unexpected.”

“It’s something you’ve always wanted and I thought it would be a nice gift for you,” Scott admired Dove’s nude body before him. She kneeled down and crawled to him, resting her head on his lap and awaited his next instruction. “I’m just glad you enjoyed it.”

Mariana wanted to ask Scott if he actually attended her graduation and where was he hiding, if he did. It was something she was better off not knowing, after all. “I do. It was very nice of you.”

“Was there anything else, Mari?” Scott snapped his fingers and Dove rolled over on her knees. She unbuckled Scott’s pants and pulled out his cock. She began to suck it.

“Um…” Mariana wondered how badly did she want to bring up an old situation that might have been false. If Scott was unfaithful to her, it would’ve been with Caprina. Or maybe. He often traveled without her and gone for days at a time to oversee shoots and meet with other executives. She’d heard about numerous stories about executives having multiple families in different states and her mind went into overdrive.

Still, Mariana had to know. She needed a reason – anything, really – to hate him. “…Did you ever cheat on me?”

“Did I what?” Scott was certain he didn’t hear her correctly. “Cheat on you?”

“One of the women here said you two dated for over a year and I just wanted to verify with the source if that was true.” Mariana replied.

Scott already knew who it was. He made the mistake of sleeping with her after a night of too many shots and a severe case of misjudgment at the CLIO awards. The sex wasn’t half bad but Scott made it a point not to sleep with her again. It was that night he realized even he had hard limits. “Erin?”

Mariana almost choked on her spit. “Um…”

“You don’t have to play coy with me, Mari. I know who you’re referring to.” Scott looked down at Dove sucking his cock. “I’m well aware of what Erin has been saying.”

The cryptic reply didn’t help Mariana at all. If anything, Scott just added onto the rumors. “So it’s not true?” Mariana clarified.

“What difference would it make now?” He asked.

Mariana felt a swell of heartbreak and a curious anger forming within her like a category five storm. Was he messing with her emotions like he strangely used to on occasion when they were together? Or did he tell her in not so many words that the asshole she had come to known and loathed really did step out on her?

She briefly wondered why she even cared if the so-called infidelity happened within the past year. They may not have been together at that point and it bothered her more than it should’ve. “It makes a big difference, yes.”


Mariana pulled the receiver away and wondered if she needed to clear her ears. How in the hell did he just flip back on her? The numerous trashy dramas and reality shows she loved to watch told her it was a defense mechanism and just maybe, he was confirming what Erin had said. “How?” She repeated and thought about why she even bothered entertaining the question.

“I thought you knew our relationship better than that.” His voice was calm as if they were talking about the weather and not a serious accusation. “Furthermore, I thought you knew me better than that.”

“The fact you’re not answering the question tells me yes.” She replied with a twinge of anger and sadness.

“The fact I am questioning why you’re asking me tells you nothing of the sort,” he shot back.

Me after reading this: This muthafucka…



And…Don’t forget to check out the entire series because you will need a change of undies 😉


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